Hair Colors/Men’s Hair 2023

People who dye their hair, especially if it’s the first time, may need some inspiration photo to find your next color. Finding the right hair color starts with looking at real examples of different colors. Going for a natural look with black, warm brown, red or shimmering gold?

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Perhaps bright and bold colors are more your style: electric blue, magenta, orange or yellow are on your list. Maybe you don’t know where to start and you are open to almost any color that suits you. Whichever color you prefer, we have put some great hair color ideas for you guys to check out.

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Don’t miss the latest men’s haircut trends. You can choose from a single color for all your hair, choose two colors that combine well or give your hair more volume with highlights. If you want to know all these possibilities, continue reading at

You feel like you want to change your hair color, but you don’t know how to deal with drastic changes. For one, hit what makes you feel good. If you consider your skin tone or eye color and have questions about which color is the most pleasing, read on. We have prepared for you a super complete guide so that you can find the tips and tricks that you are looking for. You can even take a test to remove your last doubt.

Over the years, light-colored hair tends to turn black and lose its original childhood blonde hue. The rest of the hair color will lose its original shine and shine with age. Therefore, the key to obtaining a rejuvenating hair color is naturalness: obtaining the closest shade to the natural color of our young hair.

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Men’s hair colors in 2023

The Colors for men’s hair 2023 are hitting hard. Even with a quarantine involved, many have been encouraged to do it at home. And it has gone wrong for more than one. Be that as it may, these are the Men’s Hair Colors 2023.

It is not necessary to change your look through clothes or your haircut, but you can do it simply by changing the color of your hair.

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Choose the right color for your hair

There are a huge number of colors you can choose from based on your skin color and the season you want to wear it.

For this 2023 you will be able to see that pastel and vibrant colors are trending, which can give your look a very wild touch. Do you dare with them?

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In 2023 you can have hair of only one color

If you want to experiment with your hair but aren’t risking color combinations yet, it’s best to decide which color suits you best and dye it all the same.

The commitment to ash colors

One of the most popular trends this summer are ash blonde and platinum cabbages. This range of colors is very popular since it looks good on practically all skin types and face shapes.

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However, you must hit the exact shade, as it can be a grayish gray color that will only make you look older.

Another option, as we see above, is to choose a light but striking color. In young men, light gray makes them look more modern and surely more than one friend will imitate your style.

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The color aquamarine

Another option is to choose a color more in line with this season, ranging from pastel colors to those that are very strident. One of the trends this summer is, without a doubt, the aquamarine color.

Purple tones

Purple tones will be another trend this summer. We can choose it as a single color or combine it with another as highlights if we don’t want a too daring look.

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Blue as a trend

On the other hand, the blue color seems to prevail among those colors for male hair and, of course, for those who want to stand out.

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We can have long, curly or straight and very short hair. Or an afro hair as we see above. Whatever your style with the color blue, it will stand out much more.

The color red

On the other hand, reddish and orange tones are also the key to men’s hair colors in 2023.

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In this way, we can select a bright red or perhaps a mahogany red as we see above, which has already taken the colors by storm for women and also works for men.

The jet black

The jet black color will also be one of the keys this summer. However, you will have to choose to give it a more summery tone with some reflections. Highlights in blue tones are the perfect choice, as they will give your hair more shine and volume.

Men’s hair colors or highlights in 2023

Light highlights for men

If you want to boost the volume of your hair or look like you have more, some highlights will be the perfect choice. Also, if you choose them in a color similar to your hair, it won’t be too abrupt a change for your look.

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If your hair is dark brown or black, choose highlights that range from a lighter shade of brown to a dark blonde.

Highlights in blonde or platinum

However, if your hair is light in color, opt for highlights in light blonde or platinum. Platinum is one of the hottest trends this summer.

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Dark or brown highlights

And the dark or brown highlights? If you like them, bet on them, because they are also a trend in men’s hair in 2023.

Maybe wearing some highlights in a light shade doesn’t quite convince you, so you can show off your brown hair, but slightly lighten the front part with brown highlights as we see above.

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Highlights of striking colors

You can also opt for a more daring look and combine the color of your hair with a more striking color. You will be the sensation of this summer.

Men’s hair with two colors for 2023

To give a complete change to your image, you can use the fashion trend: two-color hair. This fashion is in keeping with the haircut, that is, it combines much better with more risky haircuts.

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How to wear it

One of the ways to wear two-tone hair, and the most common way to do it, is by choosing to dye the longest part of the haircut (the upper area) in one color, and the shorter part (the lower area) from another.

Although each man can dye it as he prefers, he tends to paint the lower area darker and the upper area lighter, creating a kind of gradient that combines perfectly with the urban style. However, this depends on the haircut you choose to wear.

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However, if you decide to dye your hair two colors, you should pay close attention and choose two shades that combine well.

The natural bet: Do not cover gray hair

On the other hand, it will also be a trend for you to wear gray hair if it has come out. For years, men have insisted on covering white hair when it appeared, but seeing that this is a trend, why are you going to cover them?

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Also, think that for many women a man with gray hair is more attractive, and if you also have a few or only on the sides, as we see above, you will be unintentionally wearing the trend for bicolor hair style.

Hair colors and facial beauty for men in 2023

Another of the most common trends this season is combining hair color with facial hair color. When it is a very striking and different color, it can be considered a very risky trend.

Dye the beard?

Within this fashion, there is a clear advantage with the beard. Not all men dare to dye their eyebrows, but they do dye their beards.

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To show off hair and beard of the same color, it is better that you let your beard grow a little more before and it will look much better.

A key problem with this trend is maintaining it. It depends on the growth of your beard, you will have to dye it more or less often but, in general, the hair on the beard grows faster than the hair on the head.

In this way, if you want to look like this, you must commit to dyeing your hair very often and also your beard.

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Men’s hair colors in 2023 that are famous

Finally, we compiled some illustrious celebrities who have chosen to color their hair, with better and worse final results. And it is that the fact of being famous and handsome, does not imply that dyeing your hair is going to look good on you, right, Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber

The Canadian singer has spent years with an incomprehensible look that involves medium length hair and dyed blonde hair, with more or less intensity. Bleached hair makes him older, which is also helped by the mustache that Justin Bieber sometimes grows. Who was going to tell the world that he would miss the bangs of his beginnings as a singer.

Zayn Malik

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The former member of One Direction has dyed his hair in a thousand colors and all of them have suited him wonderfully. Blue, pink, green… Anything goes for Zayn Malik. Of course, the most common and the last one that he has worn has been blonde but not to the root, which gives him a badass and gang member touch that has been copied by millions of people.

Sergio Aguero

Kun Agüero triumphs in the Premier League. He is already the top scorer in the history of Manchester City, in addition to being responsible for many men having dyed themselves chicken blonde. In fact, looking at his streak and knowing the superstitions of the world of soccer, everything indicates that it will take some time until he returns to his natural tan.

Known short, perfectly dyed and styled, Kun’s platinum look is cover-worthy. Plus, Agüero knows how to rock his yellow hair. When I leave the

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Being considered one of the most attractive men in the world helps encourage you to try things. One of these tests led Maluma to leave a long hair and platinum highlights. Yes, it’s a weird cut but it doesn’t look bad at all. The usual thing is to see him with a bun up or a low ponytail. When worn loose, it is parted on one side and highlights cover almost the entire head.

Jared Leto

And we come to the father with dyed hair. One of the celebrities who has been with this practice for the longest time. In fact, Jared Leto, when he played Joker, was normal with green hair. Other times he opted for neon pink or blue. Luckily, in recent years, Jared Leto has been faithful to his endless mane with California highlights.

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We are talking about a historically feminine hairstyle, which Jared Leto has assumed as his own, causing envy in both men and women. Copying Jared Leto is difficult, because you have to wait for your hair to grow.

Men’s hair colors 2023 photo gallery

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