Cheek Augmentation Treatment for Men: Price and Before and After Photos

Men are They care more and more. They no longer just look in the mirror to shave or go to the gym to get fit and build muscle. They are also very up to date on what are the best body and facial aesthetic treatments for men and among the latter it seems that they are increasingly interested in their cheekbones and trying to make them look taller for a longer time. If you are also interested in improving this part of your body, you will be interested in knowing everything about the Cheek Enhancement Treatment for Men: Price and Before and After Photos.

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Treatment of Cheek Augmentation in Men

The cheekbone augmentation treatment in men differs little from that of women, although it is true that in this case implants are more often used than the fact of injecting hyaluronic acid into the cheekbones to make them look filled out and with it , increased and raised.

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However, it will depend a lot on the age of the patient and the type of results they are looking for. In any case, from the age of 40 it begins to be noticed how the cheekbones look less and less defined and with it, the signs of aging are noticed. It is something that we can remedy with this treatment that is being practiced by more and more clinics, the results of which, depending on the type of intervention we undergo, can be quite long-lasting.

Augmentation of cheekbones with hyaluronic acid

If you do not want to undergo any operation, hyaluronic acid may be the best option to increase cheekbones although in reality this treatment is better defined as “cheek filler”. It is something completely ambulatory and painless. The patient undergoes a series of punctures, after applying an anesthetic cream, with hyaluronic acid that are given at strategic points on the face or where the cheekbone has lowered more to recover the elevation they had previously.

Once the session is over, the patient can return home and lead a normal life, although they will notice some inflammation on the face that will disappear over the days.

This type of treatment usually lasts between a year and a year and a half, but depending on each case, it is possible that the patient should undergo the odd touch-up when at least six months have passed.

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Augmentation of cheekbones with implants

Something more “complicated” seems to be the augmentation of cheekbones with implants. In this case, it is an intervention that requires admission to the clinic, as well as anesthesia and also a recovery that can be longer and more delicate. In the event that this type of treatment is chosen, the patient should know that there are several types of cheek implants so that, once the case has been analyzed, it will be the doctor who will decide which is the most appropriate.

The two types of implants that are most used in Spain are the malar implants that are placed directly in the area of ​​the cheekbones so that they have an instant result with more projection and then there is the submalar implant that is below and that it has an even more evident result since it will look like the cheekbone is completely filled and raised. It is the type of implant for cases in which the person has a very sunken or emaciated face.

Then there is also the combined implant in which the two types of implants are mixed not only to fill and augment the cheekbones but also the cheeks.

Generally, the intervention with implants to increase or raise the cheekbones consists of:

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  • An implant suitable for the size and shape is planned.
  • The implant is soaked in an antibiotic mixture.
  • An incision is made in the upper buccal groove.
  • A tunnel is created to expose the area where the implant will be placed.
  • The implant is placed and then stabilized with a titanium screw.

The recovery, as we have already said, will be longer with pain and inflammation. The patient must also apply ice to reduce swelling that can last up to two weeks and try to be quiet for at least 48 hours. The stitches are usually absorbable and disappear approximately ten days after the intervention. The patient can start to get his life back after those two weeks or he may have to go easy for at least three weeks.

Treatment for Cheek Augmentation in Men: Price

Depending on the type of cheek augmentation you undergo, it is clear that the price will change. Until the doctor sees you, you will not know what you need and therefore they will not be able to tell you an exact price until they know what you are going to do. However, and in general terms, we can say that the average for a cheekbone augmentation in men using the hyaluronic acid technique is usually around 400 euros, while the cheekbone augmentation in men using implants is obviously somewhat more expensive. In this case we will be talking about a price starting at 2,500 euros.

Cheek Augmentation Treatment for Men: Before and After Photos

Finally, and so that you can see what the results may be that arise from undergoing a cheekbone augmentation treatment in men, we want to show you some photos in which you will be able to see the before and after, all of them from of publications of the clinics in which this type of intervention is performed.

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