Celebrities who have OnlyFans

Why not? This is what many celebrities have thought, before embarking on the OnlyFans adventure. A service in which users pay a monthly fee, to receive in exchange content that ranges from the erotic to, directly, the pornographic. Each one sets their limits and, according to them, income arrives. With that being said, these are some of the celebrities who have OnlyFans.

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Photo: @tyga

Celebrities who have OnlyFans

When we talk about celebrities who have OnlyFans, we mean well-known males. Singers, actors, tronistas… Everyone has a place on this platform and, seeing the figures that some move, they also have a good way to increase the bank account by many zeros. Take note: these are the celebrities who have OnlyFans.

Celebrities who have OnlyFans | Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey has gone from starring in ‘Teen Wolf’, one of the most impactful teen series of the 21st century, to opening an OnlyFans account and, surely, earning more with this second job path. The actor started with a nude video in which he was only covered by a guitar, and has kept up his regular posts ever since.

Celebrities who have OnlyFans | Jacob Ostos

When his star went out on television, Jacobo Ostos saw OnlyFans as the way to maintain an interesting income. With a chiseled body based on the gym, the son of Jaime Ostos has reached hundreds of subscribers who do not hesitate to pay 18 euros a month to see Ostos Jr.’s great body. “Living off sex is not so dramatic” he has come to say, while counting bills. Of course, it has been a while since he updated content but with what he has uploaded, many subscribers already find it worth it.

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Celebrities who have OnlyFans | Aaron Carter

Singer, actor, dancer, composer, participant in reality shows, brother of Nick Carter and everything you want, but where Aaron Carter has found stability and significant income has been in OnlyFans. Whether alone or accompanied by his partner, the actor has been one of the most active celebrities on this social network for some time, for which his fans thank him daily. And, incidentally, they make proposals of all kinds.

Celebrities who have OnlyFans | Nacho Vidal

Is there something that Nacho Vidal has hidden that the whole world has not already seen in his films? The adult film actor was, for years, the most valued in the world. Obviously, his fame precedes him and lots and lots of OnlyFans are looking for people his size.

Celebrities who have OnlyFans | Austin Mahone

It was October 2020 when Austin Mahone took the plunge and opened an OnlyFans account. Since then, it has been on its way to exceeding 200 publications, which implies significant regularity. And that I just wanted to “show my fans a different side of me”. He looks like he’s shown all the different sides of him.

Celebrities who have OnlyFans | Tyga

Tyga was one of the stars of OnlyFans, until he got tired of his restrictions and created Myystar, a direct competition of OnlyFans, which allows you to upload photos and videos in series and only keeps 10% of the creators’ profits, versus 20% of OnlyFans. Be careful with Tyga who can be loaded onto the platform he once used.

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