Taking care of hair in summer: the guide to have it impeccable

The care that hair requires during the summer is not the same as in winter, since in the summer we subject our hair to many more external agents that can weaken it, such as excessive heat, sea salt or pool chlorine. We tell you what you can do to have your hair impeccable during the summer.

Moisturizing shampoos

If hair care is essential throughout the year, during these dates it is tremendously necessary that you increase the hydration of both your skin, body, and hair. Both are directly related and they will not require an exaggerated time to be 100%. Focusing on the hair, which is what brings us here, you can find Icon’s “India” shampoos with its full range of products that nourishes the hair, provides strength and shine. Why do we mention this product? Because the entire range of India is created without sulfates, parabens, silicones, alcohols or PPD, which is ideal for the health of your hair.

For not repeating this point a little later, I would like to take this opportunity to recommend that during this time of year you have among your cosmetics masks or serums that help you hydrate your hair after high exposure to the sun or after having been exposed to your hair to salt or chlorine. You will see that after leaving the beach or the pool, when you touch it, it remains scrubby, dull and caked. It is important to maintain a healthy and complete hair routine to strengthen it and not be excessively damaged.

Avoid exposing your hair to more heat

During the spring-summer season, when temperatures have already risen, avoid using the dryer and dry your hair outdoors. You can still comb it but let the air dry it and you will see that your hair appreciates it. For those of you who tend to use it excessively, items like blow-drying make the hair weaker both at the ends and on the body of the hair.

Goodbye to lacquer or hair gel

If you like to go to the beach with super well-groomed hair and, for this, you use a hair cosmetic for the finish such as lacquer or gel, it is totally contraindicated. These types of products usually contain some type of alcohol and, with direct exposure to the sun, can cause irritation to the scalp.

Tricks before bathing outside

Did you know that if you get into the pool or the sea with previously wet hair, fewer harmful substances will penetrate it? It is a curiosity that for many people is unknown, but it can be very useful to take care of your hair.

Sunshine time

Surely on many occasions you have heard that it is important to avoid sunbathing in the hours of greatest incidence, such as from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Generally, these recommendations are indicated for skin care, but did you know that greater hair protection is also recommended in the hours of greatest direct incidence of the sun? For this, what professionals usually recommend is the use of caps, turbans, scarves or directly hats. This is key to caring for and protecting both the scalp and hair.

Hair sunscreen

Did you know that there are sunscreens for hair? The industry shows us how skin care is important but hair care too, especially for those who have dyed hair, since the sun’s rays can damage it internally and also change the tone.

So far, the most important recommendations on hair care during the summer.

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