Carhartt, fashion for the cold

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Loved by skateboarders and extreme sports fans, Carhartt is a legendary brand founded in 1889. Initially, its mission was to provide suitable workwear to facilitate the most difficult and complicated tasks, all those that could get complicated. a little more for having to be done regardless of inclement weather.

Today, Carhartt still maintains that line of workwear, but has also incorporated collections of printed t-shirts, comfortable pants and shorts to perform the most daily tasks, and even offers an exclusive collection for women.

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Now that winter is here, it is interesting to review the brand’s offer. Among the most interesting garments that we have found are the waterproof and goose down overalls (like a duvet!), loose hoods for all those who lost them along the way (or who must change it according to the activity they are doing) and a lot of jackets that steer clear of this connection to work.

Among the latter, the typical woodcutter, checkered n
black and red never ceases to be an option that can be complemented with more modern ones with prints. For the more classic, the plain jackets come in different colors, perfect for a work day without big risks or surprises.

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