Canon Refund EOS returns, a promotion in which Canon returns part of your purchase. With the new promotion of the Canon brand you will be able to get up to 300 euros in reimbursement after having purchased any of the products in the EOS range, be they cameras, lenses and flashes. Now you can have the best equipment in your home in the most economical way.

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Canon returns with its Refund in the EOS range, a promotion of the firm that returns part of the purchase. With this new promotion you can get up to 300 euros when you buy any of the products in the EOS range, such as flashes, lenses and cameras.

Canon wants to make it very easy for people who want to have the best equipment in the most economical way. We will only have to follow these three simple steps:

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1. Buying any of the cameras, flashes or cameras included in the promotion. Check here which are the products that are within the promotion.

2. Once the purchase is made, you can request a refund on the website You can register up to 5 of the selected items. You should not forget to attach proof of purchase.

3. Once the previous action is completed, you will receive an SMS on your mobile with the text “SMS REFERENCE”, this will be used to withdraw your money at some authorized ATMs. You can see them here: Authorized ATMs.

Canon is determined to help us update our equipment and also reward loyal customers of the brand. What are you waiting for to take advantage of the new Canon EOS REFUND promotion?

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If the explanation is not clear to you, I leave you a video.

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