Buy 15 perfect gifts for less than 50 euros

If a few days ago we suggested how to choose a good suit for Christmas, today we have to lower the budget a bit and show you some gift ideas this Christmas that do not exceed 50 euros, perfect, right? Help us find the best stylish gifts for Christmas so you can buy perfect gifts for less than 50 euros.

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Who said that we have to spend a lot of money to get a stylish, beautiful and even quality gift? Take note that Santa Claus is arriving and that the Three Wise Men are already starting preparations and you have to send your letter as soon as possible. Let’s see some of the best gifts a man can have this year for Christmas, which also cost less than 50 euros.

Tous cufflinks

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One of the first gifts for men and for this Christmas that cost us less than 50 euros, are these cufflinks from Tous. Cufflinks are an unequivocal sign of elegance and even more so if you do it with this model. With a square shape, with steel as the base, these cufflinks are a true wonder. They are perfect for any event that requires a certain formality. They are sold in the Tous store for only €49.

Borsalino Goose Hat

Let elegance be evident this Christmas. Do not do without a good borsalino. That is why we propose this one from El Ganso, which has a navy blue felt and a tricolor ribbon (signature of the firm). It is sold on their website for only €40.

Leather Gloves

With the low temperatures that we are suffering these days, we can predict that we will spend some holidays that are cold. So do not forget to include in your letter to Santa Claus some leather gloves like the ones we put on below. From the Dents firm, they are of a biker style. You can find them in Asos for a price of 48.62 euros.

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Aviator style glasses

A complement that should not be missing, I love them! Sunglasses are not just for summer, get rid of that myth. And less if they are as pretty as these are. They have light blue crystals and a style that reminds me of Tom Cruise. You can find glasses like the ones you see above in stores like Massimo Dutti for 49.95 euros.

Care for the male body

We must pamper ourselves, so some creams could not be missing for such an action. Rituals makes it easy for us with this fantastic case in which we combine a facial cleanser, body scrub, shower foam, shampoo and a few more samples. You will find it in Rituals for 36.50 euros.

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With a budget of 50 euros you can also start thinking about high quality men’s fragrances. This is an ideal gift if you know the recipient’s tastes very well.

Don’t take one randomly, if you know her favorite perfume, and you know she is about to finish it or almost… well, with this gift you will hit the mark!!! In case you don’t know, we recommend a classic: CK One that costs only 20 euros for a 200 ml bottle.

Zippo lighter

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If the recipient is a smoker, despite the terrible habit, he too deserves a gift. In this case, the king of smoking accessories is the Zippo lighter. There are all prices, you just have to make sure it is original and not an imitation. We offer you a Zippo lighter like this one from Amazon, which costs only €30.

A steel necklace

Buying a nice necklace for men is a very special gift. In fact, we can find models for all tastes, but perhaps steel necklaces are the ones that currently set the trend. It is a matter of taste, but we suggest you can find it at El Corte Inglés, from Viceroy, which is priced at €45.

Coffee maker

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The coffee maker is an ideal gift to brighten the life of a man who cannot live without coffee. The truth is that there are many models and all prices. However, with a budget of 50 euros you can give away a good quality coffee maker like the model that we show you above. The new Philips L’OR Barista coffee maker that, although it costs 100 euros, is sold on Amazon for only €49.

In addition, this type of gift is not only perfect for men, but the whole family will surely take advantage of it.

Set for manicure and / or shaving

A great gift idea for men who care a lot about their appearance, it will be a manicure kit that we can also find in different sizes and its price never exceeds €50.

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One month of …

50 euros are enough to pay for a month’s subscription for almost all hobbies, from the gym to a course that the recipient would like to do or why not, the subscription to a television service like Netflix or HBO.

Gift experience

An excellent idea is to give an experience. From a massage in the SPA for those who want to relax to the launch with a parachute or driving a real Ferrari on a racing circuit. Everything is in your hands, you must meet the man who will receive your gift and remember when he said:

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At least once in my life, I would like to…

This will be the moment to achieve one of your dreams.

Leather Belt

Not just a belt, but a genuine leather belt, which is rare to find, even when there are labels on it stating that it is genuine leather.

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Belts have always been a great classic when it comes to gifts for a man. Nothing new, surely you can bet on high quality brands such as this Levi’s model that costs only €25.

External memory

Ideal gift for young, very young and for all computer enthusiasts. Over time, PC users tend to accumulate a lot of data. There comes a point where not everything will fit on the PC.

Of course, for a lot of data it is always better to make a copy, or better to put the heaviest ones like movies and photos outside the PC, that is, in an external memory that with a budget of 50 euros, can give us to a large capacity.

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Video games

On the other hand, a great idea for a man’s gift can be a video game if he likes consoles or playing on the computer. We know that many video games are somewhat expensive, but the vast majority do not cost more than 50 euros. The only thing you need to know is the type of video game he likes the most and the type of console he likes the most.

What do you think? Do you find any that can help you? Do you think we should put some more?

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