Boat shoes Sebago

If you are looking for a casual or informal look, boat shoes can be one of the best options. We show you the options of the Sebago brand.

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Boat shoes are a type of light and simple footwear that is ideal for informal looks. This boat shoe from the Sebago brand, Schooner model, is made of leather both internally and externally and its price is between 75 and 150 euros that you can see at Sebago SCHOONER B75943 – Leather boat shoes for men

Although the most common boat shoes are brown, every time we find other more colorful models that offer a wide range of possibilities to combine and create informal looks.

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You can find this Sebago boat shoe, Docksides model, in 16 different colors. Some of them remind us of spring colors, others like black or brown could be perfectly used in any season of the year, while others remind us of the colors we usually choose for the summer season.

In this model you will find red, blue, grey, purple, white, ivory… Almost all of them are on a white or ecru sole, while only the brown and black models use a black sole.

Like the previous model, these boat shoes are made of leather both inside and outside. In turn, the sole is non-slip with an EVA heel cup.

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This latest model is sportier than the previous ones, although we still have before us a leather shoe that is perfect for an informal look, easy to combine.

What type of footwear do you usually choose to create your own informal looks? If you like Sebago brand shoes you can find many more models of boat shoes, all in leather and with laces.

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