Black and white, the style used for the new LG campaign

We already have LG’s new terminal available, the Optimus G and in the campaign they have used for the launch it has the style of a typical black and white film, Snow White by director Pablo Berger, which was the winner of the last edition of Goya Awards. A campaign that features Mario Casas and Macarena García as protagonists and that, from Moda Ellos, has caught our attention. What do you think?

Under the direction of the last Goya winner, Pablo Berger, LG presented its new Optimus G terminal for our market. The campaign has used the black and white style just like the Snow White movie. With this video we can see the perfect mix between business/company with art.

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Under renowned actors such as Mario Casas and Macarena García, who won the best actress award at the last Goya awards, also for her participation in the Snow White film, LG presents the spot titled “Romeo and Juliet” for the Spanish market.

With a short film format, in black and white, it has the style of the aforementioned Pablo Berger. With all the sensitivity in the world, you can see the protagonists giving free rein to their feelings, and they can be seen crying with joy.

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