Best-selling men’s perfumes

Masculine beauty is something that has been on the rise for years, since men seem determined to take care of themselves even more than women. Something that men cannot miss is a good fragrance, so we offer you the list of the best-selling men’s perfumes below.

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Best-selling men’s perfumes

In the current market we can find a wide variety of perfumes and fragrances for men since almost all fashion brands tend to have theirs, although some of these are the lucky ones to make them essential.

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Brands are increasingly determined to surprise us with those masculine fragrances that mix the intensity of the strongest aromas, with the freshness of notes from flowers that make them perfect for today’s man and especially for this spring summer 2018 season.

Let’s see below the list with the currently best-selling perfumes.

Azzaro Pour Homme

The Azzaro house is lucky to have been around for several years, counting on what is the best-selling fragrance and the truth is that it is not surprising considering that it is an intense fragrance of oriental inspiration with hints of different fruits such as lemon or tangerine.

Azzaro is a fragrance indicated for the charming, instinctive, and modern man who likes a timeless aroma mixing transparent notes and the freshness of the mentioned fruits. The fragrance begins with an original accord of fennel and anise, not to mention the different, slightly herbaceous lavenders. The presence of vetiver, patchouli, sandalwood and cardamom add to the spicy boisè heart. Some amber and musky facets warm up the whole.

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  • Azzaro Pour Homme

Burberry Sports

Burberry is one of the firms that men like the most since years ago it launched its fresh and vital fragrance “sport” in which red ginger and juniper berries are the base and in which touches are also given of cedar.

A fragrance that is understated elegance, timeless charm, and legendary style. Burberry Sport is reminiscent of the English countryside: a cool and refreshing getaway, Burberry Sport for Men is a fragrance dedicated to a young and modern man.

  • Burberry Sports

Calvin Klein Aqua Eternity

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Eternity is the masculine fragrance that Calvin Klein launched years ago and that shortly after was renewed with its fragrance called “Aqua” which is also supposed to be the masculine version of the successful “Euphoria”.

With Eternity Aqua for Men, Calvin Klein wants to offer a gritty, effortless yet sophisticated masculine fragrance; Imagine a dynamic man, lying by the pool, relaxing while having a drink.

The fragrance is modern, aquatic and woody, leaving a lingering trail with a wave of icy cucumber. The heart reflects the timeless refinement of lavender and wraps with the warmth of sandalwood. Wet green leaves emit a magnetic intensity. Wood mixed with ginger, pepper, basil and sage are the components of this perfume, also mixed with resins and amber.

The iconic Eternity for Men bottle is revisited here in a deep blue color, which is inspired by the freshness of the ocean and the elegance of a determined and sophisticated man.

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  • Calvin Klein Aqua Eternity

Cool Water Davidoff

Powerful as the ocean and deep as the abysses. This is the inspiration for Davidoff Cool Water, the perfume that enhances a man’s virility by recalling the force of the waves.

Created in 1988 by Pierre Bourdon, Davidoff Cool Water continues to be one of the best-selling fragrances in the world, being in fact the best of all fragrances belonging to the family of aquatic aromatics. It is a sporty, fresh cologne with hints of lemon along with basil, juniper and sage.

The alchemy between man and nature explodes in the mix of notes of this fresh and enveloping aroma, which has become an icon in the masculine world. Such an icon is the bottle: a bottle that develops vertically, with strong facets on a thick blue glass, written in white and a tall black cap.

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  • Cool Water Davidoff

Only the Brave by Diesel

The Diesel firm launched its famous “Only the brave“ a couple of years ago, which is intended for men with intense tastes and also because of the shape of its bottle.

This perfume is dedicated to the strong, characteristic, tenacious and brave man: Only the Brave. A dynamic, woody eau de toilette, warmed by oriental and leather notes.

Striking for the shape of the bottle, a fist, symbol of strength and cult object, which remains upright if placed vertically or horizontally or resting on the wrist.

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The composition opens with fresh and fruity notes of Lemon and Tangerine; in the heart we find oriental, woody and leathery notes that play with contrasts: leather, storage and labdanum for an uncompromising masculinity. Strong notes of amber and spicy cedar give off a burning sensation of heat.

  • Only the Brave

Only Loewe Pop by Loewe

One of Loewe’s latest fragrances with a fresh, natural and fun inspiration that is intended for the man with a young and avant-garde spirit. The base is mandarin and pink pepper, with middle notes of lavender and the background of bourbon vanilla and broad bean Tonka.

A fresh perfume perfect for the young and dynamic man who is looking for a perfume to wear every day.

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  • Only Loewe Pop by Loewe

L’Hêtre Révé de Nez À Nez

This perfume, dedicated to the most sophisticated and masculine man, is one of the latest releases by Nez À Nez and stands out for its aromas of cinnamon, sandalwood and vetiver.

Dusty, exotic, succulent, “greedy”, vaguely light, dreamlike, licentious, lascivious and decadent. L’Hetre Reve Nez a Nez is a beautiful airy-spicy and resinous accord of amber at the beginning combining with cloves, cumin, cinnamon, candied dried fruits, aromatic spices, molecular amber, woods and a hint of liquor.

The final evolution of the intense perfume leads us to a refined “tail” of tobacco, smooth leather, patchouli and powdered woods, balanced, spicy and exotic. A seductive fragrance, one of the best sellers for men but that women can also wear.

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Rochas Man of Rochas

This firm has always been characterized by the great perfumes it launches for women, but this time they have launched a masculine fragrance for men that combines freshness with nonconformity. Bergamot blends tightly with coffee and cedar as well as lavender.

This fragrance is designed for a dynamic and sporty man, looking for a fresh aroma that gives a feeling of well-being and the joy of life.

Rochas Man is an extremely invigorating fragrance, capable of invigorating and freeing the spirit.The seasoned opening notes are fresh and blend with a floral heart, warmed and softened by the base notes of wood and musk.

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  • Rochas Man

White Musk Sport by The Body Shop

One of The Body Shop’s latest men’s fragrances for the younger, sportier man. One of the best-selling men’s colognes thanks to the successful combination of top notes provided by grapefruit and lemon with base notes of amber.

Davidoff’s Champion

Another Davidoff perfume sneaks into the best sellers. “Champion” is also a fragrance for the most masculine man that recreates the sports environment with a special and intense aroma.

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A perfume that fills with energy and enthusiasm, which makes one perceive strength and become a champion. The impact is refreshing thanks to the intense aromas of bergamot and lemon that give you an immediate feeling of vigor. The central notes make their way with the energetic essence of galbanum and with the aromatic aromas of sage. Finally, the base notes are characterized by the classic scent of cedar wood and a lingering echo of dormouse musk.

  • Davidoff Champion

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