Best beard shampoos 2023: complete guide

What are the best beard shampoos? Taking care of the beard is essential if you want it to look hydrated and beautiful. To do this, you must wash it with a suitable shampoo since it will not be enough to use the hair one. This is a type of shampoo that is often more concentrated and indicated for facial hair, somewhat harder than the hair on the head. With this guide you will know which are the best beard shampoos 2023. These that we list now and that we will detail later:

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  • Dr.K
  • Bulldog
  • Depot No 501
  • Modern Day Duke


Dr. K is a line that is made in Ireland and this beard shampoo is a great product. It is also one of the very few that uses only natural ingredients, without the addition of strange chemical additives: if you have delicate skin it can be an excellent choice. This applies to all Dr K products.

The aroma is lime, but without being too intense. Or you can also buy it with a mint scent, softer, or woody. It is sold on Amazon and in specialized stores and the price is around 30 euros.

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Quickly dropping in price but not in quality, you can also choose the Bulldog beard shampoo, which is one of the best options for facial hair treatment based on quality/price ratio.

Its natural ingredients include aloe, camelina and green tea, while the container contains up to 200ml of product at a very affordable price. No animal products or synthetic dyes and fragrances.

Already after a few washes with this beard shampoo, you will discover a much softer hair and a greater freshness in your beard, especially for the underlying skin.

Although it is a good ally in case of dry skin and dandruff, it is probably not the best beard shampoo out there, but it has an effectiveness and comfort that largely justify a recurring purchase. Its price is around 15 euros.

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Depot No 501

This is a shampoo that stands out first of all because it comes in a fairly minimalist package but is specifically designed to hydrate and enhance your beard and mustache. The mustache, in particular, is often underestimated when looking for the best shampoos, when in fact it is the part of the beard that is most likely to get dirty during meals.

The aroma is minty, which invigorates and refreshes our sense of smell while we wash our beards. Although the container contains 250ml of product, the shampoo only requires a small amount for the entire wash. The price, on Amazon, is around 20 euros.

Modern Day Duke

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This is an excellent shampoo to clean and soften your beard without weighing it down. It has no parabens and stands out for having aloe vera. In fact, it is usually recommended for beards with dandruff or those with delicate skin. It smells like cedar and lime scent and results in a very soft and shiny beard. The price is about 20 euros.

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