Benefits of wearing sunglasses all year round

Are you one of those who only wear sunglasses during the summer? In this article we are going to tell you about the benefits of wearing sunglasses that go beyond the comfort of not being dazzled in the middle of summer.

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The main function of sunglasses is to protect the eyes from UV rays. Certainly, during the summer is when we are more exposed to the effect of the sun, since its incidence is greater and we spend more hours outside, but what we sometimes forget is that the sun is still present every day of the year, which is why the one that you have to keep taking care of your eyes.

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Another difference between the sun between the summer season and the rest of the year is its location and path. It is considered that in winter its exposure is shorter but it dazzles more due to the arc it makes and the reflections it causes.

Not to mention when we talk about the effect of the sun when driving, because it can not only be annoying but also incapacitating, being able to blind a person for a few moments, which are enough to have a mistake that leads to accident. In turn, all these variations when driving can make driving more exhausting and, even if it is a short journey and one that is done frequently, it makes it difficult to concentrate and respond quickly to any unforeseen event.

When choosing sunglasses it will be essential that you look at the materials used for the glass. The temples accept all types of materials but not the retina, so choose a material that does not damage and a color tone that is pleasing to the eye. Of course, it is recommended that the tinting does not exceed 80% so that the quality of vision is not hindered.

External agents such as high temperatures, air conditioning or heating also have a direct effect on the retina. On many occasions, if it has not been in your own experience, surely you know someone who suffers from dry eyes due to these circumstances. Sunglasses help maintain moisture in the eyes.

There has also been talk that sunglasses help protect the eyelids from damage, since they work as a shield and take care of them from the damage of UV rays, as well as the areas around the eyes, slowing down that they age so quickly, that spots or wrinkles appear, or other alterations.

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Just as there are those who associate its use with preventing or reducing the effect of spring allergies, as well as seasonal conjunctivitis.

Without a doubt, for those who do winter sports it is essential to have suitable sunglasses adapted to the sport. For example, the same type of glasses will not be valid for skiing as for going down the street, they need much more protection from the sun because it increases its radiation, at the same time that it also protects moisture from the eye and from suspended ice particles. .

Similarly, many professionals recommend the use of sunglasses from childhood.

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