Belstaff: quality garments for the cold and wind

Today, we know this brand from celebrities such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie , but this brand, which manufactures basic, comfortable, light, resistant and durable garments, has a long history behind it.

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In 1924, Harry Grosberg set up a shop in England that sold men’s and women’s waterproof clothing. It was the first company in the world to use a completely waterproof and breathable fabric. They specialized in creating protective clothing for motorcyclists, which were a great sales success in the 40s. We all remember the mythical image of Marlon Brando with his leather jacket mounted on top of a motorcycle in The Law of Silence, and Che Guevara also used this brand on his motorcycle trip through Latin America.

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We have also been able to see their clothes in movies like Ocean’s Twelve, The Aviator, Tomb Rider, or The War of the Worlds. Their jackets can be bought at El Corte Inglés and in numerous stores, although the prices are not cheap: they usually range between 300 and 600 euros. Despite its price, it is a garment that will last you forever and never goes out of style, so it is worth getting one, whether it is a leather jacket or a waterproof jacket. Although currently, they not only sell jackets, there are also shirts, pants, sweaters or trench coats that carry the brand.

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