Azzaro: Luxury accessories

The Azzaro brand has a long history in the world of men’s fashion, since its inception it was synonymous with style and luxury. This Italian house became known for its textile fashion, leather goods, bags, perfumes, etc.

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In many articles we have told you how the looks you choose, from clothing to footwear through accessories, speak of your personality, your way of seeing life, the way you feel about yourself.In this article We are going to focus on the luxury bags and backpacks of the Azzaro brand, because we must also be aware of the trends of the big brands, don’t you think?

This travel bag is made of leather and textile, it has an interior pocket with capacity for one kilo of weight.

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This bag has the elegant and classic design typical of the Italian brand Azzaro. It is made of leather and textile, like the previous one along with a nylon lining. To give you an idea of ​​its capacity, the dimensions of this bag are 28 cm high by 34.5 cm wide.

You can also find other types of smaller models like this small bag 2 centimeters wide by 16 cm high. this model is perfect for those who prefer to use an elegant bag but ideal for those who maintain a contemporary look.

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