Are you ready for winter?

We are in the middle of winter, temperatures drop, there are days of snow and rain… Do you have the right footwear to enjoy the winter storms without worrying about the temperature of your feet?

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We’ve taken this Russell Brand photo as a prime example of how you can enjoy winter, stay warm, and still be on trend all year long with an urban look that looks great.

There are many different looks that you can get depending on the footwear, for my taste there is nothing like a Panama Jack or UGG.

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Panama Jack

The truth is that with the Panama Jack you can get an attractive and winter look, a boot that is perfect for an informal look, a classic model that combines a natural design in the middle of a city.

The shoe is made of leather, both the upper and the insole, while the lining is synthetic and the sole is rubber. With all this mixture you will enjoy footwear that will keep your feet warm thanks to a lined interior.


This boot is made of very resistant leather with a lined interior, a synthetic insole and a toothed rubber sole that is perfect for those rainy or snowy days in which enjoying the weather is much more than an option.

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You can see more types of footwear perfect for winter in any of the physical stores or the Spartoo online store where you will find discounts and sales until the end of February.

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