Air Audi A3 Cabrio: Love is in the Air

For motor lovers, today we echo the new Audi model, A3 Cabrio, and its curious campaign “Aires with denomination of origin“.

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In the video that we show you below you will be able to see the latest spot that Audi has launched with which it wants to publicize the feeling caused by driving the new Audi A3 Cabrio. All this is presented through “Aires con denomination of origin”, in this video they tell us what they are and how you can get them:

The Audi A3 Cabrio allows the driver to feel a special connection with the air, with everything around him, becoming part of the environment and feeling it as something more vivid. For this, they have created “Aires con denominación de origen” capturing the essence of four different places in Spain that can offer those who smell them the unique sensation of a certain destination, of driving, of a trip.

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For this reason, we find four different airs: Mediterranean Breeze, Ráfagas de Finisterre, Corrientes de Tarifa and Air from La Mancha. Each of these airs has a different smell and properties, if you have seen the video you can get an idea of ​​the differences that you will find in each can.

For example, Brisa Mediterránea for many will represent the smell of the holidays, with this can you can alleviate the nostalgia of the holidays, relive those feelings and go out for a drink with your friends, like taking that smell and feeling as the best invitation to break up with the routine and do something different.

You can buy these cans for free in exchange for a tweet or a post on Facebook, as well as you can find them in a special vending machine that will be present at upcoming summer events.

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