Advantages of ecological shoes

Have you ever tried walking with ecological shoes? It is increasingly common to see the great personalities of men’s fashion and actors like Leonardo Di Crapio with this type of footwear. What makes you so attractive?

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One of the reasons that most attract the general public is that this type of footwear complies with ecological standards, that is, we are talking about footwear that complies with sustainable development standards, which respects the environment.

But if we leave ideology aside and focus specifically on footwear, its materials are usually made of leather or leather both in the insole and in the cut, while the sole is made of rubber. What does this mean for our feet?

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The ecological footwear in its entirety gives us the security that the shoe does not prevent the foot from perspiring, so we are avoiding foot sweat, so we are promoting the elimination of foot odor and not only comfort.

This type of footwear has to go through some very demanding requirements to be able to acquire the ecological category, which shows us that we are talking about a product of guaranteed quality.

If we continue thinking about our health, those of you who have delicate feet or who are prone to allergies, ecological footwear gives us the possibility of reducing the risk of allergies caused by some chemical products used in the manufacture of footwear.

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There are several brands that usually work on these dictates such as El Naturalista, Timberland, Dream in Green. Do you know any more?

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