Acne Facial Cleanser by Nezeni Cosmetics, my opinion

It is clear that skin care has never been my strong point, although I have to say that when I grew up and until now I have done a thousand things to improve my face, without realizing that I have always been confused about what my skin really needed.

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When I was a teenager I did not have my head set on skin care and it was right there where I suffered the most acne, then with a few more years I began to be interested in eliminating those pimples that occupied my face and after going through dermatologist consultations and treatments that went fairly well for me, I always forgot about skin maintenance.

It is useless to use a product for two months if then I am not going to keep my skin clean and cared for, because in the end it always came back to the same thing. This came to an end when, after searching for information, I decided to try an anti-acne cosmetic treatment from Nezeni Cosmetics.

I began to have clean skin every day thanks to products that were similar to my skin and that manage to eliminate all that dirt, impurities and excess sebum that accumulated in my pores.

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I am not going to lie to you if I tell you that it took me a bit to be constant, and that I have used many other cleaners, but without a doubt, having achieved it this time has been the merit of my life, because today I enjoy a a much healthier, softer, smoother face with hardly any imperfections.

Although it is true that I have used the complete treatment, today I am here to talk to you especially about a cleanser (the second step of the protocol), so I hope you like to know everything that this cosmetic has to offer, being alone or accompanied 😉 .

What do we know about Nezeni Cosmetics?

Talking about a product without knowing the brand is as if we were talking about something we have no idea what it is about, therefore, when I started using this treatment I previously informed myself about the reviews and the life of this firm cosmetics and what I came across was a unique and wonderful philosophy.

What I liked the most is that they only use completely natural ingredients in the formulations of all their products, making them as close to the skin as possible, and these are also of enormous quality and positioned in very good concentrations.

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But as if that were not enough, they have also managed to reduce the presence of preservatives to a minimum, thus preventing users who use their products from suffering from the famous combined effect.

In general, everything indicates that the brand has an objective, to take care of the skin while achieving good results and that was exactly what it transmitted to me as soon as I got to know it a bit, so my first impression was very good.

If you see their website, you can see that they have different options depending on the type of skin or even the difference in age, something that quickly makes you think that they focus on customizing each treatment to the maximum depending on the needs of each person. .

This will make the treatment of the products more accurate and direct, covering these skin deficiencies and therefore offering much better results. In this case, we are talking about a cleanser for skin with acne, which is part of an Anti-Acne Treatment that promises to control those outbreaks and achieve a much softer, smoother, brighter and healthier dermis.

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Now I give you a brief summary of the important points of Nezeni:

    • Natural ingredients
    • High concentrations
    • Low level of preservatives
    • Wide range of products (possibility of customizing a treatment)
    • High quality of products
  • Not tested on animals
  • Efficiency and proven effectiveness

Complete analysis of Nezeni Cosmetics Acne Facial Cleanser

The time has come to calmly study each of the aspects that make up this product, analyze if they are good options and if they meet what we are looking for. So let’s get to work!

Analyzing your list of ingredients or INCI

How many times do you look at the ingredients of the products you use? If the answer is always, very good! and if the answer is never or rarely, it’s time to remedy it!

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Before, I didn’t pay attention to anything, I let myself be carried away by the publicity I had seen about the product and little else, however I realized that this was always a mistake, because in the end it never turned out to be what it was. they said, so I started to read the list of ingredients and although at first I didn’t understand much, it’s all a matter of time and gradually getting to know the ingredients.

Here I am going to leave you the composition of this cosmetic, also below I will talk about those active ingredients that are most relevant to the function that this product performs:

Aqua, Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside, Betaine, Shikimic Acid, Illicium Verum Fruit Extract, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Maltodextrin, Caesalpinia Spinosa Gum, Xanthan Gum, Didecyldimonium Chloride

As you can see, the list is very short, there are only those substances that will provide benefits, that is, we do not see a single filler ingredient or one that is harmful. This is exactly how I like products, concrete and direct, as well as respectful and effective, so that in this, the cleaner has received my complete approval.

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I leave you here interesting information about the most outstanding assets:

  • Shikimic Acid: This will be in charge of skin cell renewal, as well as the peeling effect it will provide on the skin and the fact that it prevents bacteria from proliferating.
  • Illicium Verum Fruit Extract: This substance controls sebum production, will prevent pores from clogging, and will also stop the spread of bacteria.
  • Betaine: It will provide hydration and soothing properties that will prevent the skin from becoming irritated. In addition, it is ideal with wrinkles.
  • Maltodextrin: This substance will be in charge of enhancing the anti-aging capacity and also helps to reduce possible irritations or redness.

With a formulation of this style, the only thing we can expect are good results, we only have to see what each of the ingredients present promises us to understand what we will achieve with the use of this cosmetic.

Analyzing its packaging and its price

The container is very comfortable to use, and also practical even though its size is rather large. Its design follows the line of the brand, simple but elegant, ideal for those like me who pay attention to all the details.

The container is made of glass, a resistant material and much more sustainable than plastic, so this is another important point to take into account by the firm, since we can see how, despite the fact that its main objective is the sale of cosmetics for skin care, does not leave behind other aspects such as the commitment to caring for the planet.

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The dispenser is in the form of a button, very comfortable and safe when using it, since it allows you to remove all the lotion without wasting anything and controlling the amounts that we must use very well.

To use it, we will only have to press a couple of times, put it in our hands and with the wet face rubbing and removing everything that is in our path. The ideal would be to use the complete treatment, so that the next cosmetic would be the toner.

The size of the container is 200 ml, quite large for everything that spreads, since the amount that we must use is quite small, approximately with two or three pulsations we will have enough to cover the entire face.

The price of the product is very affordable, we can find it for about €19.90, a cost that is not high, especially when it will last so long. Of course, the sale of the product can only be online, since it does not have a physical store.

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Analyzing the texture and smell

The texture of the product is very good, I am usually a bit special for skin textures, I am always aware of what I feel when I put on a product and on many occasions I have been disappointed, however in the case I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this cleanser from Nezeni, I liked it a lot and I managed to enjoy it to the fullest when I put it on.

It is a fluid, light and refreshing texture, but another aspect that I really liked is that it provides an extra emulsion when rubbing the skin, making it offer very pleasant sensations of cleanliness and pleasure.

As for the smell, it has no perfume, so it does not smell of anything, however we can perceive a slight aroma of natural ingredients. This will be so soft and subtle that sometimes we won’t be able to perceive it, since as soon as we finish putting it on, the smell disappears completely.

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My final experience

My experience has been very positive, I have gone from not wanting to use anything to having a very simple and basic but very effective routine and I assure you that it doesn’t take me even 5 minutes to be ready, something that used to be a pain in the ass world, now I really enjoy it.

With the use of this cleanser I have managed to have a much more careful and healthy face, now I do not have the typical pimples that appear all over my face and if they do appear they are very scattered and heal very quickly.

In addition, I love that pleasant feeling of cleanliness that it leaves on my skin, a product based on natural ingredients that offers incredible results.

Now, I assure you that the results and changes are much more accentuated with the complete treatment, therefore I recommend that you take a look and see if it is worth it or not.

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I can only recommend this cleanser to anyone who wants to improve their skin, appearance and health.

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