Male Abdominal Tick: Before and After Photos – Price Spain

Although it seems that aesthetic treatments or operations is something that is always associated with women, the truth is that men are also they operate to look better. In fact, there are many body and facial aesthetic treatments for men and one of the most currently requested is Abdominal Marking for men, of which we are going to explain now what it consists of, what is the price for Spain and also the before and after photos in several cases.

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Man Abdominal Marking

One of the most requested treatments by men not only aesthetically but also to somehow feel good in the case of doing a lot of exercise is abdominal sculpting that helps the “six pack” area look good checked. An operation that is often performed to eliminate fat that tends to accumulate easily in the abdominal area but is not only required by men who lead a sedentary life or who do not like to exercise too much, but more and more men are They lead a healthy life, play sports, work out in the gym, but they just can’t get their abs to look the way they want and that’s why they resort to this type of treatment.

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how perfectly you execute a diet and exercise regimen, as certain fat deposits can be resistant. The fat around the midsection is definitely one of these deposits. This type of fat is called subcutaneous fat and is used by the body to protect vital organs, prevent heat loss and protect against any external physical stress. Because this fat serves an important function in the body, subcutaneous fat is incredibly resistant to exercise and diet. Many people go through tremendous efforts of diets and exercise and despite this they still find that this accumulation of fat covers their abdomen. This can be incredibly daunting, however, thanks to the liposculpture that comes with getting a tummy tuck, you can see more defined and chiseled abs to go along with your strong physique.

How to do it

Abdominal marking can be performed with various types of techniques, all of them designed for fat absorption either by laser, vaser, microair or as conventional liposuction. It is the medical team who decides the technique that is going to be carried out, so it is generally not decided until the case of the patient who undergoes the operation has been well studied and also based on the fat that has accumulated.

The patient also undergoes anesthesia, which depending on the type of operation to be performed at the end can be general or local. The procedure consists of making a small incision to introduce the vaser that will remove the accumulated fat so that it can be suctioned later. When the necessary fat has been extracted, the marking is done.


To prepare for your abdominal etching procedure, it is important to:

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  • Avoid smoking. This is crucial because nicotine is known to constrict blood vessels, which can seriously affect surgery and make recovery more difficult.
  • Avoid alcohol before and after the procedure. Alcohol can inhibit the body’s natural blood clotting response. This can lead to excessive bleeding during a surgical procedure, as well as during the recovery phase.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen. This is important because, as with alcohol, the body’s natural response during surgery is to clot. This helps the body not to lose excessive amounts of blood during surgery. However, when the blood is thinner, natural coagulation cannot take place. This results in a higher chance of losing too much blood during surgery.

Recovery time

Because advanced liposuction techniques are used, the recovery from this procedure is less than that of traditional liposuction procedures. Abdominal sculpting typically requires less downtime than other operations involving fat suction.

It is usually recommended that the patient spend at least one night in the hospital or clinic after the operation. Once 24 hours have passed since the intervention, you can return home, although at least 15 days of a calm and healthy life are recommended. You can go back to work and go about your life but wait at least two weeks before starting to exercise or train again.


Once you have recovered from the procedure, you do not have to worry about the return of the removed fat cells. The fat tissue that was removed is gone permanently. But this does not mean that new fat tissue cannot take its place. It is important to remain at relatively the same weight that you were when you underwent the abdominal etching procedure. This will ensure that your results are permanent and unaltered.

Abdominal marking: Before and After Photos

We already know how abdominal marking is carried out and the time required for a good recovery, but if you are thinking of undergoing this type of operation and want to see how it could look on you, there is nothing better than seeing the photos before and after that we show you. We have taken all of them from Instagram so that they belong to specialized clinics and that show the results of their procedure on this social network:

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Instagram: @clinicaesteticaat

Instagram: @cirujano.plastico

Instagram: @tumejorasesoriaencirugia


Instagram: @doctorgarone

Instagram: @drleonardogagliano

Instagram: @clinicadesanpio

Abdominal marking: What is the price

As for the price, we cannot give a fixed amount because it will depend a lot on the clinic and the type of procedure they follow to do the abdominal marking, but to give you an idea of ​​what it might cost you, we will tell you that a average of around 6,000 euros.

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