A SEAT Mii for 2 euros a day

For those of you who are looking for a practical and charming car, with an urban style with which to travel around the city, the SEAT Mii offers you It’s going to be interesting.

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We know that a picture can be worth a thousand words so we have selected different images so that you can see the Seat Mii from different angles and get an idea of ​​how that car would look if you were behind the wheel.

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There are some aspects that have probably already caught your attention, such as its style (sunroof, choice of upholstery, leather-covered gearshift…) and how practical it is when moving around the city, since it is a rather small vehicle. and that it can be the best bet to park and move with ease.

But what you cannot see with the naked eye is its low consumption technology or the different active and passive safety systems that make this vehicle an interesting option.

An important detail, this vehicle has ample space, to give you an idea, it offers 251 liters of capacity, making it a vehicle with which you can also enjoy your trips.

How much does the SEAT Mii cost?

As we said in the title of the article, you can get this vehicle for 2 euros a day. First of all, you have to give an entry of €1,670.30 with an APR: 9.17%, which would mean a final fee of €3,314.89.

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To all this you have to add that with the purchase of your vehicle you can get €500 in BP fuel as a gift so that your travels and trips are cheaper.

If you enter the SEAT Mii website, you will be able to configure your own vehicle in every detail: finish, engine, design, equipment and your configuration. That way, when you walk out of the dealership with your new vehicle, you know it’s something personal, something yours, something unique.

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