A day of fasting to eliminate excesses

Christmas, New Year’s Eve, company lunches/dinners, with friends, too many drinks, too many sweets, They are very complicated dates to keep us in shape. That beyond gaining weight, sometimes they give a general feeling of heaviness in our stomach together with fatigue. In this article we are going to give you a key that will help you feel better after these dates. Do you want to know more?

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Christmas is over, which for me is the worst date of the year in terms of intoxication, and New Year’s Eve, only Three Kings Day remains. We tend to set aside for a few days, me at least, and even if you do the impossible to lose weight, it is very difficult not to accumulate those so-called “special foods” and everything that entails. But as we have said before, beyond making us gain weight or not, one of the effects of these copious meals is the feeling of heaviness in the stomach and general fatigue. Does the same thing happen to you?

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How to combat excesses this holiday season

Fasting for a day can help us feel better and thus compensate for all the Christmas excesses that we have not been able to avoid, I love doing it from time to time, since I take it as a day of “pampering or affection” to my body even though it may seem like a sacrifice.

What is achieved by doing a day of fasting

The main benefits of fasting for a day, just drinking water and infusions without sugar, is the total purification of our body. Our liver will only worry about eliminating all the toxins accumulated during the last days, at least part of them. We will also give our stomach a break that will allow it to rest from the possible heavy digestions that we have had during special lunches and dinners.

In addition, we will give a boost to the elimination of liquids that we are retaining in our body, reducing with this action the sensation of heaviness and swelling and although this can also be noticed when visiting the scale with weight loss, we must bear in mind that the most likely thing is that we have only lost liquids or water.

We must clarify that fasting should not be used as a weight loss technique, but rather to restore our body’s balance for the occasion, within a healthy diet.

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The keys to a good fast

We recommend fasting on a day when peace reigns, without having to do tasks that require a lot of effort, both physical and mental. We must always be well hydrated, drink water or an infusion without sugar whenever you are thirsty.

It is recommended that if you want to fast for more than one day, consult your doctor. In the same way, if you suffer from any disease such as kidney problems, diabetes…

At first you will be very hungry, but our feeling is that of feeling good in general. If you notice any kind of problem, be it extreme tiredness, dizziness or any other unusual symptoms, you should stop fasting.

If you dare, I guarantee a very pleasant sensation of lightness and a total cleanliness the next day. Once you have finished fasting for a day, continue with a healthy and balanced diet. Tell us about your experience. How did it go?

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