7 tips to improve your personal style

You don’t have to be very physically attractive or have a lot of money to dress well. To project a perfect image in your professional and personal life, I am going to give you 7 habits used by highly stylish people. Pay attention to the tips to improve your personal style.

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The most admired men in the world for their style, many of them, do not have to be physically very graceful or have great fortunes with which to buy the most expensive clothes. If you want to be a person who shows a perfect image, both in your personal life and in your work life, we teach you 7 tips to find and improve your personal style.

1. Know your body and your style

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Each person is different and the important thing is to know each other. It is necessary to know what your body type is to dress well. To then choose the clothes that suit you the most and choose the trends of each season.

2. Choose clothes the day before

If you are one of those people who finds it difficult to combine clothes, you should choose the clothes the day before you put them on. Don’t stay sleepy in front of the closet in the morning looking like you don’t know what to wear that day, it’s worth preparing your clothes the night before.

Organize your closet so that the task of choosing clothes is much easier for you and order your closet according to the type of garments and their colors. You can also take a photo of a set of clothes that you liked a lot to inspire you when choosing a model.

3. May the clothes fit you, by God!

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Buy clothes that are your size and if you have any doubt try on more sizes to make sure you wear the clothes that suit you the most. Once you have that piece of clothing at home, try it on one more time to make sure. If the garment you’ve chosen doesn’t fit you quite right, you can ask for alterations or take it to a tailor you trust. Don’t look like you’re borrowing clothes!

4. Use accessories

Accessories are key when it comes to going with a good personal style. Always take care of the details, that your shoes are clean and in good condition. If a pants needs a belt, use one according to it. The shoulder bag, bag or briefcase that you use that is of quality.

If you use jewelry or costume jewelry, you can mix the pieces from different sets or loose as long as they are consistent with the style of clothing you are wearing that day.

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5. Take care of your hair

Believe it or not, hair is an element that attracts a lot of attention. The haircut should favor the type of face and be current.

Wash your hair regularly, without abusing it, and visit the hairdresser whenever you need it. Take advantage of the professional to give you advice on hair care. Use this fashion blog to keep up with the best haircuts of each season.

6. You must focus on what you like

Don’t let them put ideas into your head with clothes and accessories that you think don’t suit your figure well. Think about the good things you have to highlight them and hide what you like the least. Ask family and friends what they like best about you. You can hire an image consultant to help you and advise you on your image.

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7. Have a good attitude

In the end, having a good attitude is the most important thing. A smile is the best weapon you have to captivate the people around you and make others feel good with your presence.

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