6 reasons to buy costumes online

Halloween, carnival, a theme party… Any time is a good time to dress up and give life to a character but where to buy everything easy and fast? We tell you what are the main benefits of buying costumes online.

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Tips for buying costumes

Costumes have become the perfect excuse to create alter egos and bring them to the surface even for a few hours. To make it a legendary experience, here are some tips that we hope you will find useful:

Choice of character

The choice of the character is one of the most important steps that is carried out during the dates close to the party and that can be decisive at the time of the outcome.

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It is not the same to go disguised as an anonymous character, whom one can characterize however he wants and give him the personality he considers, than to dress up as a well-known character who has a whole series of personality characteristics associated with him.

Although it may seem absurd, it is important to take both issues into account to choose the costume that best suits the party’s preconceived idea.

Quality of costume

There is a false belief that all costumes are of poor quality and, really, it is a complete myth. If you want a quality costume you can find them in online stores but they usually cost much more, while cheap costumes (less than 50 euros) are usually made of less expensive fabrics, although this does not mean that they are not durable.

Therefore, before buying original or classic costumes, we recommend that you read the materials and fabrics with which they have been made.

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Costume Labeling

Adult costumes have to be labeled in the same way as the clothing, which will allow you to know what are the best ways to clean and maintain each of the garments. This information, as you can imagine, is essential if you want to avoid shrinking your costume or damaging the fabric.

The same information should appear in online stores, it will depend on the store.

Costume Features

You have to be very aware of this section of costumes in online stores because that is where we are going to find which pieces are part of the costume and which are included or you have to buy as an extra element.

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For example, this Edward Scissorhands costume includes the pants, shirt, belts, ribbons, necklace and gloves but not the rest of the accessories, such as the wig, which must be purchased separately. It is important to look carefully at this aspect so that we do not waste time making multiple purchases or having to look at items at the last moment.


When buying wigs and accessories it is essential that they are not flammable or have a low degree of fuel. As for the cosmetics that are going to be bought for costumes, you have to check that the name of the product, the merchant and its ingredients come from it to avoid allergies.

Reasons to buy costumes online

Next, we leave you six advantages of buying your costumes online:

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  1. Great variety of products. One of the great advantages that online costume stores have is that they usually have a wide variety of items to choose from, it is not only about finding the perfect costumes but also the accessories.
  2. Costumes for all themes and throughout the year
  3. Costumes for special events, which are difficult to find except in specialized stores such as San Patricio or the April Fair
  4. Compare prices more easily
  5. Goodbye to visiting physical stores and spending hours, in the same online store you can buy everything you need.
  6. Fast delivery time. Depending on the store, you will see that you can buy original costumes and have them at home in 24 or 28 hours.

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