6 different styles to tie a scarf in fashion

If the tie is sometimes too much for gentlemen, a similar problem usually happens with scarves or scarves and it is that although we are leaving the cold season, I think it is important once and for all to know how to tie a scarf perfectly, especially if what we want is to leave behind the typical scarf tying and be a little more fashionable at first glance.

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Different styles to tie the scarf

When we talk about men’s fashion and knots, our mind quickly goes to the tie. Certainly, the knot of a tie is very important, but it is not the only one that must be taken into account. If you want to have a modern and elegant look, you will also have to worry about the knot worn by one of the most fashionable items this season: the scarf.

The task of tying a scarf properly seems, a priori, very simple, but making a knot look elegant and, at the same time, comfortable and functional, is not an easy task. To help you in this area, we are going to present below what are the 3 most elegant scarf knot styles that exist and how you can get them done without difficulty. In the video at the end you can see some more examples:

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Parisian or citizen knot

The Parisian knot is the easiest and, at the same time, most elegant way to wear a scarf. It is a good choice if you are not a person very used to wearing a scarf and you do not want to complicate yourself too much, since it is a very comfortable and simple way to wear this accessory with elegance. Doing it is very simple. You just have to fold the scarf in half and put it around your neck. Once you have done this, take the loose ends of the scarf and tuck them into the loop that is created at the folded end. Then, pull the bottom ends to adjust it and place the knot in front of your body, so that it covers your neck perfectly.

Ascot Knot

The elegant Ascot knot is an ideal option if you are going to wear a suit or a trench coat on a very cold day, since it looks extremely good, does not hide any of the virtues of the most elegant looks and maintains your neck and chest warm and sheltered all the time. Also, this knot can be performed quickly and easily. Before you start, a tip: do not wear the coat, trench coat or jacket you are going to wear with your scarf ahead of time, as the outfit will look better if you put it on after the knot is completed.

First, wrap the scarf around your neck so that both ends are hanging on your back. Next, cross them at the nape of your neck, making one end shorter than the other, and bring them back to the front once more. Then, make a front knot, passing the shorter end that you have left over the long one. Once you have done this, adjust the knot so that it is comfortable for you and does not over-tighten your Adam’s apple or neck. Once you have done it, put on the jacket or coat that you are going to wear and button it, so that the knot of the scarf is inside. Only the top of the knot should be shown. This elegant way of wearing a scarf is also very convenient, because it is very difficult for the knot to move out of position, since your jacket or coat holds it in place.

The reverse

For the more daring, this is an option that really makes a big impression and will keep your scarf from shifting one iota for as long as you’re wearing it. It is specially designed for suits, since you must wear a jacket that hides its trick at all times, in addition to the outer coat, but if this is your case, it is really worth it. This is an ideal option for business events and times when you absolutely have to make sure everything is in place at all times.

To begin with, you should not put on your jacket or coat until you finish, although you should wear your tie, if you are going to wear it. Once you’ve done this, pull the scarf behind your neck so that both ends hang over your chest, roughly the same length. Now, cross both ends at the height of your abs and tie them tightly behind your back, so that you make sure that they won’t come untied in the near future. Then put on your suit jacket, button it up, and put your coat on top. This way your chest and neck will stay warm and the top of your scarf will frame your tie, giving the outfit a very chic and contemporary look.

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Video: Other ways to wear a scarf

In the following video, you will be able to learn about other different comfortable and stylish ways to wear a scarf. Don’t stop watching it!

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