5 tips to buy the right shoes

We always make the same mistakes when buying shoes and although we usually learn from them, they are so common that over time they become they forget us.

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There are five tips that must always be taken into account whether we are going to buy shoes in online stores or in physical shoe stores.

The first impression, that instant crush that we sometimes experience when we see a shoe that not only fits our style, but also seems to captivate us, is the first requirement to take into account when buying a specific shoe.

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How to know which size is right for you: You must always keep in mind that not all brands have the same size, an aspect that must be taken care of when we are going to make some type of purchase in online stores.

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When you go to buy shoes you have to keep in mind that your feet are not as tired or even swollen first thing in the morning as they are in the afternoon.

Surely you have already realized that your two feet are not the same, neither in size nor in width, so it is important that whenever you go to try on a shoe you try both to see if they work for you and if you feel comfortable.

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In the same way, the fact that you try both shoes to see if the shoe offers you the support you need on both feet.

And finally, in addition to trying on the shoes, try to walk with them before buying them or keeping them if it is an online purchase, because walking with them will make you see if it is what you need.

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