5 reasons why you need an eye cream

The fact of taking care of the skin is something that more or less we all master every Again, we know to use a good quality cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc.

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In addition, men are increasingly aware of the importance of taking care of the skin as the largest organ in our body and with it the great importance it has in our lives.

However, there is an extremely important aspect that we sometimes overlook, the delicate area around the eyes and the special care that we must offer it.

The region that surrounds our eyes is the finest and most sensitive of our entire face, in it there are no sebaceous glands, there is no collagen or elastin, and the most surprising of all is that in this small area we find 22 muscles that are in constant daily movement.

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An average of 10,000 blinks a day must support this fine skin, therefore it is completely normal for it to be the first area where the dreaded wrinkles begin to appear, although we can help it look better if we take care of it! as it deserves!

In today’s article we are going to talk about the most important reasons to use an eye cream, although we are not going to need many to understand its importance… the eyes speak for themselves and everyone will want to have a radiant look! !

Before starting, if you dare to use a lotion of this style, here is a ranking where you can choose among the best: 5 best eye creams for men.

Eye contour, the most essential cosmetic

Before talking about the different reasons that are going to help us make room for this elixir of beauty, it is time to learn a little more and better how it works and what this product to which we are going to dedicate offers us today all our attention.

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As you already know or suppose, this product is specially designed to take care of a specific area, therefore it is not to be used all over the face, since that is what we have facial creams for. It’s time to give everyone their place and place and make the routine something more personalized.

This area is much more delicate and that is why it needs us to take care of it with products full of respectful, calm, light and soft ingredients, as well as effective, and that is just what the contour can offer us.

Can everyone use it?

Many times we do not try or use a cosmetic simply due to a lack of information about it, about how to use it or about whether or not it will be a good option for us and this is what happens on many occasions with the famous eye contour.

However, regardless of the type of skin you have, your gender or your age, this product should always be an essential for everyone, since due to everything that surrounds us (free radicals) this region of the complexion is constantly suffering impacts that make it look increasingly weak, dull and punished.

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So, based on the fact that it is an essential product to achieve a healthy and radiant appearance, let’s see the 5 essential reasons that will make us choose a contour imminently!

For those of you who are not very sure how to use this cosmetic, here you will find the essential steps: How a man should apply the eye contour.

5 reasons why we should use an eye contour

Be very attentive because I am sure that when we finish seeing the main reasons for using this product, you are going to run for one to start treating and caring for your eyes as soon as possible.

1. Such fine skin needs more specialized care

We already know this but even so, it is the most compelling reason to offer you personalized care, so you could not ignore it.

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The skin of the complexion is not very thick by itself, although the man’s a little more due to a greater amount of fat production and due to the presence of facial hair such as the beard, however it is still a little thinner than the rest of the body.

However, there is still a thinner skin, the one that surrounds our eyes that becomes up to 5 times thinner, also without pores and sebaceous glands, so it has a constant lack of hydration.

The eye contour will provide the exact nutrition that this region needs, so the results will be completely amazing.

2. Supports the movement of a multitude of muscles on a daily and constant basis

This is perhaps another of the reasons with the greatest weight of all, we keep our eyes constantly moving on a daily basis, in each of the blinks that we make at the end of the day unconsciously and involuntarily but that suppose about 10,000/ 15,000 blinks per day on average.

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This increases if we work in front of the computer or if we spend too much time with technologies that little by little dry our eyes, due to the lights and the constant attention that we must maintain, here we normally blink a lot more.

There are exactly 22 muscles that are in movement in that gesture that a priori seems not to be so much, for this reason, it is time to give back to our eyes and to that skin that surrounds them all the effort they make for us every day and the best way to do it is by massaging with a good special lotion.

3. It will help to avoid dark circles and bags

If dark circles are a problem on your face, these cosmetics are ideal to put an end to them: 3 Best Anti-Dark Circles Eye Contours for Men.

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When we are very tired, when we do not sleep well or when our defenses are a little lower, we can see how our eyes are stained with a dark shadow that we know as dark circles, these are really feared by all, since it makes us Let’s see with a duller, sadder and without light aspect.

On the other hand, it is also very common to suffer from the dreaded bags under the eyes, that inflammation right on the lower eyelid that we hate because, like dark circles, they make us look careless.

The eye contour and its army of ingredients designed to take care of this delicate area, will help us to provide luminosity and avoid the presence of dark spots, in addition it will also provide ingredients that will reduce inflammation of the skin and make it look more smooth and soft.

The massage that we should give ourselves at the time of application will help us to improve blood circulation, so that everything will work better and the appearance of this area will be much more beautiful and cared for.

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In this link you will find the most infallible remedies to end those tedious imperfections: How to easily hide dark circles in men.

4. It will protect the skin against free radicals

If you have not heard of them yet, I can tell you that free radicals are the different external or internal factors that impact our dermis causing visible and invisible damage, such as pollution, dirt particles, lightning direct sunlight, stress, anguish, sudden changes in temperature, excessive use of cosmetics that are not suitable, etc.

All of this is in contact with our skin on a daily basis and little by little it makes us look duller, punished and with a facial appearance that we do not want, in addition to damaging the health of the dermis.

The use of the eye contour will help us to neutralize all these factors and ensure that the dermis is completely protected, so that it will respond much better and its appearance will be more radiant.

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Even so, whenever we go out we must wear a sunscreen on our skin, since we all agree that the sun is a completely necessary source of properties, however the ideal is to always take advantage of it in a safe and for this we must use an SPF 50 +.

Anything lower than 30 will not ensure good protection, therefore it is always recommended that they be used from then on.

For those of you who are lovers of homemade cosmetics or who are simply interested in trying to make your own product at home, here you will find some recipes that you will surely like!: Learn how to make a homemade eye contour.

5. A radiant look is synonymous with a younger face

Finally, let’s talk about the importance of taking care of your eyes to make our skin look more rejuvenated, illuminated and beautiful. Imagine for a moment that the area around our eyes is completely clean, with an even tone, a soft and smooth texture, illuminated and radiant, etc., how do you think our face will look?

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Getting a look free of imperfections is to rejuvenate the skin, because after all the eyes are the mirror of the soul and speak for themselves.

So take care of the skin around your eyes and look younger every day!

I hope that knowing these 5 main reasons you will not doubt for a second about how important it is to take care of this fine and delicate skin that is so extremely important, so decide on an eye contour and start taking care of your skin as soon as possible! skin and your gaze!

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