30 photos with ideas of tattoos on the forearm for men 2022

The forearm is one of those parts of the body that they are all the rage among people who want to get tattooed. In this way, if you are looking for among the best tattoos for men, the forearm area can be one of the best since in times like summer you can wear it and show off it or when you want (or it is necessary) you can cover it without problem. with a shirt or sweater. In addition, for this area of ​​the body you can find an infinite number of ideas, so there is nothing like delighting yourself with these photos with ideas of tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 that we show you below.

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Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | Meaning

The trend of tattooing the forearm has spread mainly among men, who are more in favor of tattooing this area of ​​the body, although there are many women willing to use their forearms to get tattooed. The forearm is said to represent strength and stamina.

As an area that attracts all eyes, the forearm is also a part of the body that we can have tattooed both on the inside, where the trend seems to be, but also on the back, also coinciding with the elbow area. An area in which you will undoubtedly attract attention and that is why it is considered for this type of tattoo, a certain unconventionality. In fact, the most popular tattoos in the forearm area currently tend to be vindictive.

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Despite this, you can really find an infinite number of drawings and shapes for your forearm tattoos, so there is nothing like seeing those examples that we are sure will inspire you to find the best tattoo to wear on your forearms.

Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | tribal


In the most fashionable group of tattoos, we find tribal tattoos, among which are those of the Maori type, both very common on shoulders and chest, especially among men, but which in recent times seem to also be imposed on the forearm area. These are tattoos that were used by the original tribes as a means of communication, these included (and still include in New Zealand today) different meanings such as role, symbols of war, greetings…

Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | skulls


The forearm lends itself well to showing all kinds of tattoos in its different categories: animals, stars, plants, as well as religious symbols and even symbols related to magic, sometimes black magic or with a certain devilish touch or witchcraft. In this case, the skulls are especially striking if we take into account that there are many men who choose to wear them in this area. This way, you can wear a large skull that has a realistic design full of shading so that your forearm is a manifestation of power or also choose a design that is more striking, with some color.


Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | Animals


We have already said before that the forearm is an area of ​​the body that lends itself perfectly to carrying an animal design on it, such as a lion or a tiger, since men tend to like this animal a lot, but we can also see how lately forearm tattoos in which dragons or snakes appear represented are imposed.


The first is linked to a strong character and tradition, while the second in many cultures represents eternity and is a powerful symbol of protection and esotericism.

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Another very common animal for a forearm tattoo design is the bird, sometimes represented small, inconspicuous, other times in flight or even represented as an eagle or vulture.


In the group of animals, in relation to mysticism, the mermaid finds a special predilection: half woman, half fish, it is a symbol of seduction and love.


Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | flowers


Among flowers, the rose is undoubtedly one of the most requested tattoos on this part of the body. Whether in black and white or richly colored and often surrounded by many roses, this flower has a meaning strongly linked to love as it is also used to express romantic desire, eroticism and fulfillment.

Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | compass


A frequently seen tattoo on the forearms and full of meaning is the compass. A compass tattooed in black, clearly indicating four cardinal points. This tattoo is related to the achievement of a goal and the protection offered by the object as a guide for life (in this case for the sea). It is also often related to luck so those who decide to tattoo it on their forearm usually do it to remind themselves, how to guide themselves in life and have luck.

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Close to the marine theme is the knot and the anchor, another common tattoo especially in maritime environments, its meaning is close to the concept of alliance or pact.


Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | stars


And we do not forget the stars, always present among the tattoos and with a lot of meaning. If we look at the precise meaning of each one of them, we can mention the following among the most popular tattoos:

  • Star: destination, brightness, guide.
  • Moon: Discretion, intuition and femininity.
  • Sun: light, life and progress.


Tattoos on the forearm for men 2022 | Words and Phrases


You have already seen, with many photos and ideas, the usefulness of the forearm to choose to carry a tattoo on it. But keep in mind that this area is also highly mobile so that, in addition to the designs shown, you can choose to play puns or include long sentences, whatever their meaning.


You can also choose to get tattoos on your forearm that have a musical connotation, such as those representing staves or musical notes.

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In any case, the forearm is a good starting point for a tattoo or better still, for several tattoos to increase its visibility and if you want to be able to see more designs besides the ones we have just shown you, do not miss this gallery from photos:


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