2015 trends: A city SUV

We demystify everything you thought you knew about SUVs to show you why it has become one of the trends that will be present in the world of fashion and the engine.

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Can an SUV be elegant? Without a doubt, the answer is affirmative, yes. We only have to look at the latest SUV that has come onto the market, the KIA Sorento, so that its smooth lines and design show us the compatibility between a vehicle that can face different terrains and can become a very interesting option for the city. to enjoy an elegant and sophisticated vehicle.

This year, the 2015 KIA Sorento shows off its multiple updates, showing itself as a more sophisticated but economically accessible vehicle, for what one might expect, since its price starts at 27,500 euros.

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If the sophisticated lines of the exterior have captured your attention, the interior continues in the same vein, showing excellent care in the choice of fabrics and soft leathers, the finishes that have been made and the striking details that appear. Sight and touch come together inside to give an elegant result that any man with style would like to wear on his outings.

One of the details that always tend to impress this vehicle is the sunroof, which offers a greater amount of light inside the vehicle on both sides, both on the front and rear seats. In turn, that feeling of light also creates a much more spacious and open environment, which enhances the feeling of spaciousness that is sought in so many vehicles but is not achieved.

In short, we are faced with a vehicle that combines modernity and spaciousness with the search to offer the customer a luxurious vehicle, in which they can enjoy the softness of its interior and elegant curves, which can seduce anyone.

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