10 trends that you cannot miss in these summer sales 2013

The summer sales 2013 have started for some time, or rather, those garment discounts have not ended to get rid of the stock that is still left from previous seasons. Until a few days from now, June 21 in Madrid, the strongest sales of summer 2013 will not arrive. It is time to take into account the 10 trends that you cannot miss in these summer sales 2013.

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A few days before the start of the 2013 summer sales, we want to anticipate and tell you what the star garments of this event will be. Although there are some firms that already offer offers, there is nothing like the big summer sales to get the best clothes at reduced prices.

Denim summer

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Denim fabric has been one of the main protagonists of the different firms (image of the ZARA collection). This summer we will see a lot of this denim fabric in all shirts and shorts. It is expected that, from what we see in the different autumn-winter collections, it will be maintained in the following seasons.

The most Grunge and Punk style

I don’t think you come from another planet, so you know we’re in crisis. What better than to make profitable the purchases in these summer sales. The grunge and punk style is postulated as one of the candidates to continue as a trend in the following seasons and we will not stop seeing this style. The punk and grunge style will be the stars of these sales and in the Topman collection.

The color white could not be missing

As if it were a roulette wheel, we must bet everything on one color, although this time we must change red or black for white. This white color returns to the top, like other years, although the firms try to prevent it with other ranges of colors, such as emerald green. Bet on the color white in these summer sales, as Bershka does in its June 2013 lookbook, and you’ll win the grand prize.

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The fashion of prints

The prints have acquired a special role this spring-summer, they were not going to be less so in the 2013 summer sales. The prints have become owners of all the garments. One of the main trends to take into account these summer sales.

Yellow color

Are you superstitious? It is no longer so, since yellow is one of the fashionable colors in these summer sales and in the spring-summer season, along with white. Different are the shades in which you can find it. This time I have focused on the yellow colors of Pull & Bear.

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Don’t be afraid of flowers

Blazers, t-shirts, shorts… nothing escapes floral prints. Especially at ZARA and, as in this case, Asos. The proposals for the summer sales of the firm Asos, in my opinion, are the most successful, since other brands are a bit excessive.

In the absence of rain the color Blue

The color blue is one of the colors that acts in the shade. That is to say, the blue color is a color that, as a general rule, is always found in the second row, but the blue color combines with all the colors and all the clothes, giving a special touch. These summer sales, remember to include it in your purchases.

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Glasses with mirrored lenses

Mirrored lenses are spring-summer trends. The 2013 summer sales are perfect to get hold of one of them. The peculiarity of these glasses is that they have mirrored lenses, that is, they reflect everything that is exposed to the sunglasses. Cool right?

Short swimsuits

Swimwear will be one of the most sought after these summer sales. Very short and with a predominance of plain ones, these swimsuits will be the most chosen by men this season. Run for them!

Double-breasted suits

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The double-breasted and pastel-colored suits will be other stars in these summer sales. Combined with pants that leave our ankles exposed.

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