10 outfits for the gym for men 2023

Going to the gym is something that many of us do two (or three) times a week; some even go every day before or after work. Or maybe you’re just considering starting a new gym and wondering what you should be using to make sure you don’t stand out for all the wrong reasons? The gym is not the place to make big style statements, and you need to be sure to keep your workout clothes simple, comfortable, and stylish. What you wear to the gym is not going to be the same as what you wear to go hiking! Gym clothing can look good while still supporting you and enhancing your performance during your workout, whether you’re lifting weights or on the treadmill. We’ll walk you through what to wear to the gym and what not to wear. It will make sure that you are always perfectly dressed for your training.

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What to wear to the gym: gym tops

Oddly enough, gym t-shirts are often where new gym-goers go very, very wrong. It’s tempting to throw on an old cotton T-shirt with your new athletic shorts or joggers and think that’s enough for you to work out, but it’s not. Actually, cotton is a poor choice of fabric for working out for several reasons:

It gets wet with perspiration quickly and doesn’t wick moisture away from the skin, making you feel uncomfortable.
It’s heavier than some performance fabrics designed for training wear, which can be restrictive during training.

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So, which top should you wear to the gym? Whether you opt for a tank top, short-sleeved T-shirt, or even a long-sleeved T-shirt, fabric is the key consideration. Moisture-wicking material moves moisture (sweat!) away from the skin and into the top layer of fabric, keeping you dry and cool. A blend of lycra and polyester is the most common type of fabric for gym clothing. You can expect to spend a little more on this than your average cotton T-shirt, but it will wash well, dry quickly, and last longer, plus it looks stylish.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to gym tops: oversized clothing is not your friend. You may feel self-conscious about your body at your first gym session, but baggy clothing not only looks sloppy, it also makes you look smaller than you really are. It can also be restrictive, making your training more difficult than necessary.

Opt for a gym top in a moisture-wicking fabric with some stretch—nothing too tight, but a fitted style. This will make sure you feel comfortable and look great!

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What to wear to the gym: gym pants

Avoid very short shorts for anything that involves floor/mat work, as they are not only uncomfortable but can show more than you intended!
Generally speaking, a good pair of training shorts is a versatile option. We always try to stay away from knit fabrics when it comes to shorts, as these not only show sweat stains, but tend to be unflattering.

Of course, gym fashion trends seem to be everywhere online – right now, men’s harem pants are having a moment. But you don’t have to follow them; in fact, we recommend that you stay away from them if you want to look good while enjoying your workout. When choosing gym pants, the key is to keep it simple. Follow the trends and you’ll look like you’re trying too hard and attract unnecessary attention.

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Many men prefer the comfort of a pair of sneakers or sweats to the gym, and that’s okay. Just don’t go for a pair that’s too big or a light color, as they’re less than flattering. And don’t wear those pizza-stained sweatshirts you hang out at home. Invest in a pair of high-quality tracks designed for a workout that are both comfortable and stylish, and make sure they fit well.

How to wear shorts to the gym

If it’s your first gym session, especially in the winter months, you might be a little worried about getting your legs out. Do not be! Shorts are common in most gyms, and you’ll likely see other guys wearing workout shorts as well. The key to wearing shorts to the gym is choosing the right pair. Here are some tips to help you out:

Avoid super shiny and brightly colored fabrics unless you’re looking to turn heads. This is not the time for those electric yellow satin track shorts to come out of hibernation!

Make sure your shorts fit you well. No, we repeat, do not wear shorts to the gym. Your shorts should cover you appropriately for the type of training you will be doing. Nothing is more uncomfortable than a man in a too-tight, too-short pair of shorts. And please, steer clear of cycling shorts for a workout at the gym.
Choose a neutral color like black, navy blue, or charcoal gray; Not only is it stylish, but it will go with just about any color of gym top, including brightly colored tops for those days when you feel super confident.
Invest in high-quality shorts that wash and wear well. While it can be tempting to buy multiple pairs of inexpensive, low-quality shorts, they will start to look faded after just a few washes and will also lose their elasticity. Opt for sportswear brands you can trust, like Reebok, Nike, and Adidas, and invest in shorts made from performance fabrics so they wick sweat and wash and dry thoroughly.
Remember these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to rocking a pair of shorts to the gym while looking like you belong.

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How to wear a tank top to the gym

Gyms and tank tops seem to go together like cheese and wine – they’re a great combination. We are always seeing photos of muscular men lifting weights while rocking a big tank. But it’s not as easy as taking that white cotton T-shirt out of the closet and pairing it with shorts. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to what to wear when exercising in a tank.

Avoid low-cut tank tops. No one wants a nipple flash or seeing your entire chest while bench pressing. Pick a tank top that fits you well and isn’t too tight, and you’ll look stylish without offending anyone.
Avoid cotton tank tops. While cotton is perfect for the summer months, it won’t keep you dry while you work out and it takes longer to dry after a wash, so it’s not the best option for hitting the gym several times a week.
Avoid the white cotton tank. White is not only a pretty unforgiving color, but a cotton tank top can also become baggy after a few washes and not be the most flattering workout outfit. Not to mention, the white shows all the stains and sweat marks. Choose darker colors like navy blue, black, and charcoal gray.
Don’t be tempted to wear a baggier top if you have a smaller frame. This can actually make you look smaller than you are. The general rule of thumb is that the smaller you are, the tighter your tank should be. This doesn’t mean it has to be snug, just snug.

Don’t arrive at the gym in a tank during the winter months. If it’s cold outside, be sure to layer up. You may want to start your workout in a long-sleeved T-shirt before switching to a tank top for weightlifting.
Stick to simple tank tops that will go with all the gym pants, instead of going for outrageous prints and prints. Plain tank tops are not only more versatile, but they’re also easier to mix and match and will ensure you look stylish. You can go for neutral tones or add a pop of color with a brighter tank top paired with dark colored sweatshirts or shorts.
Lastly, remember that you don’t have to wear a tank top if the thought of baring your upper body at the gym makes you uneasy. Many guys work out in performance tops or long-sleeved shirts.

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Gym Shoes: Choosing the Right Style

Now we are at one of the most essential parts of what to wear to the gym: shoes. Believe it or not, this is the part of your gym equipment that you should spend the most money on. Exercising can be hard on your feet, especially if your training is high-impact (like running). The right shoe not only looks great, but also improves your performance and reduces the risk of injury by supporting your feet and ankles in all the right places. The first thing to remember is that open sandals and flip flops are definitely not to be worn in the gym. Not only are they unsanitary, but they are also unsafe and impractical. You could drop weights on your feet or trip on the treadmill in impractical sandals, so always wear closed toe shoes.

Sneakers are, of course, ideal for the gym. They provide plenty of traction to prevent slipping, and you can find shoes designed for your workout, such as cushioned running shoes. It goes without saying that you should always make sure your gym shoes fit you properly, which means investing in the right pair of training socks and trying on your gym shoes to make sure they won’t slip or rub against your feet. Keep your gym shoes as indoor shoes, so you don’t drag mud or dirt from inside into the gym with you, too.

And please, never exercise in socks: not only is it dangerous, as you might slip, but it’s also inconsiderate to other gym users, as your sweaty feet will be on mats and exercise equipment. Investing in the right socks for your workout is essential, and we’re about to cover that.

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Which socks go with gym clothes?

When it comes to gym socks, don’t be tempted to throw on an old pair. Socks with worn elastic can slip and distract you from your workout, while socks that are too thick or too thin can be uncomfortable and cause chafing and blisters. We’ve picked out some of our favorite Soxy socks that will keep your feet dry, prevent discomfort, and keep blisters to a minimum.

These red and white striped athletic socks come in a low-cut style that’s perfect for the gym. These socks are not only lightweight compression socks, but also have a cushioned insole that absorbs shock, making them a great choice for your walking session.

These blue sports socks are longer, mid-calf. Ideal for wearing with shorts or sweats at the gym, its tear protection helps eliminate holes in the heel and toe box, where socks are most likely to let you down. Their blend of cotton, polyester and spandex ensures they’re super comfortable and move with you during your workout.

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