10 gold codes for the perfect tuxedo

On many occasions you don’t know how to wear a tuxedo. Don’t worry, it also happens to celebrities, who sometimes reveal some confusion. The fashions are progressing as well as the dress rules for the most formal occasions. If you still want to show off a true “gentleman” style à la “007”, don’t miss the 10 golden tips to wear a tuxedo impeccably.

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The tuxedo combined with a white shirt, shoes and black bow ties, as a general rule, is the most used and preferred option by almost all men. However, the latter can be modified a bit by playing with the textures and colors of the accessories. But be careful, as long as you follow our advice.

10 golden codes of the perfect tuxedo

1. The tuxedo must be black with satin lapels

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If you have no idea of ​​looking for a style with a tuxedo, don’t risk it, black is your best ally. Do not use gray or navy. The only alternative to black, even if it is a bit informal, is the “tuxedo jacket”, made of velvet and in shades of purple, bottle green or dark blue. Although I don’t recommend it very much…

2. He never wears a tie

As much as they insist, the tuxedo is not dressed with a tie. Bet on a black satin bow tie that has a size, more or less, proportional to the structure itself. As a first-timer, avoid creatives like squares and other colors.

3. Double or single breasted tuxedo jacket

The tuxedo jacket must be single or double-breasted, but only with one button. That fits well on the shoulders.

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4. The black shirt is a bad choice

Even though Juanes said it in his famous song, the black shirt and the tuxedo are bad companions.

5. The recommended shoe: Oxford

The shoe we recommend is the black patent Oxford. Cut the excessive square toes and booty.

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6. Proportions become important

The proportions of the tuxedo are very important for the final result of the chosen outfit. As we have said before, not all bow ties work for everyone, they must be chosen according to size. Avoid excess fabric, bags and “dancing jackets”, opt for fitted designs. Consider your measurements. If you have a bigger budget, I advise you to have a custom tuxedo made.

7. Shirt cuffs should stick out

The double cuffs of the shirts you wear, have to show under the tuxedo jacket, a couple of fingers will be enough. Avoid excesses.

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8. Add a white handkerchief to the pocket

Tuck a handkerchief into the white jacket pocket for a more elegant touch.

9. Avoid excess jewelry

Avoid wearing too much jewelry, you don’t want to look tacky.

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10. Say no scruffy style

As much as you wear a disheveled or carefree style, leave this look for other occasions, which will be more appropriate.

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