10 Foods with Biotin to have perfect Hair

Caring for hair and keeping it in the best condition has become almost an obligation for those who still they keep it. Many men focus on the products they apply to their hair, but few have another element in their diet to take into account. For this reason, we show you 10 foods with Biotin to have the perfect Hair with which you can style your hair much better.

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10 Foods with Biotin to have the perfect Hair

Before addressing the 10 foods with Biotin to have the perfect Hair, it is convenient to know what Biotin is and why it influences the health of our hair so much.

Biotin is known as vitamin H or vitamin B7 and is one of the great nutrients that we can provide to our hair. Its intervention helps cell growth, which is why it helps to recover the tissues of the scalp, in the specific case of hair.

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Thus, with an adequate amount of Biotin in our body, we will promote hair growth and stop hair loss. In addition, we will provide extra strength to the hair, preventing it from breaking easily and the ends from always being open. Biotin provides hardness to the hair from the roots to the ends.

Go ahead that our body, at the intestinal level, generates and synthesizes Biotin by itself. However, providing a plus of Biotin to regulate levels and avoid a deficit that almost never occurs, does not hurt. So, these 10 foods with Biotin to have perfect hair are the ones that we recommend for healthy and strong hair.

Blue fish

Blue fish is the fish that contains the most biotin and the most recommended for strong and hard hair. On the other hand, oily fish also contains a high degree of omega 3 that also influences the quality of the hair, giving it shine and softness.

What blue fish can we eat? From tuna, salmon, sardines, anchovies, anchovies, pomfret, swordfish, lamprey, dogfish, mackerel or herring, are just a few examples.

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To give a specific example, 100 grams of salmon contain a total of 6 micrograms of Biotin, around 20% of what we need per day.


Almonds are among the most complete nuts. Not only is it a very healthy snack and ideal for snacking between meals, but it also has a high amount of Biotin to care for the hair.

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If we consume half a cup of almonds a day, we will have the necessary Biotin quota covered for 24 hours. Without a doubt, a healthy and fast way to care for your hair. In addition to being very tasty.


In the case of eggs, it is the yolk that has a significant amount of Biotin. However, it also provides us with fiber and vitamin D, ideal for improving vision and improving muscle health. With a boiled egg we provide the body with 25 micrograms of Biotin, around 80% of what the adult body needs daily.

The advantage of eggs is that we can take them in many different ways and at any time of the day. From scrambled eggs for breakfast, to a hard-boiled egg at mid-morning, to adding them to a salad or making them soft-boiled for dinner. Of course, the recommended amount is one egg a day.

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Despite not being the favorite vegetable of many people, its intake can give us half of the Biotin we need to get through the day. A portion of cauliflower will give us 17 micrograms of Biotin and we would have 50% of the day covered.


Banana is one of the fruits with the highest Biotin content, in addition to containing a contribution of potassium that gives the body extra energy. It also has a high fiber content, which greatly facilitates digestion.

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In this case, incorporating a banana a day in the diet can give us a considerable amount of Biotin to strengthen our hair.


Talking about avocados is talking about vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and, of course, Biotin. Not only that, they also provide the body with a good handful of healthy fats, as well as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats.

To put it in perspective, if we eat an avocado of normal size, we will be contributing 6 micrograms of Biotin to the body, covering a fifth of the daily needs of this nutrient.

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It turns out that peas are the largest source of Biotin that we find in the legume family. Of course, it depends on how we take them, the contribution will be greater or less.

For example, if we take 100 grams of fresh peas, we will receive 40 micrograms of Biotin. Meanwhile, if we take them dry the amount will increase to 70 micrograms.

Cow liver

Beef liver, despite its appearance that not everyone likes, is a very healthy food. It contains proteins, iron and zinc that also strengthen hair, in addition to Biotin. In this case, we can add it to the diet and take it once a week. If we do, we will provide around 30 micrograms of Biotin per serving.

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One of the advantages of cheese is that, in addition to its properties, it allows you to eat it at any time and anywhere. That way, we can always have a slice on hand.

If we do it, it will be easy for us to count the amount of Biotin that we are contributing to the hair. Each medium-sized wedge that we eat will give the body 1.5 micrograms of Biotin. That is, taking four wedges, we give the body 20% of the daily amount it needs. Ideal for mid-morning or snack.

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Beer’s yeast

To finish, a food not so common in the diet, brewer’s yeast. In this case, the amount of Biotin that it provides to the body is up to 14 micrograms per package.

Of course, the different qualities of current brewer’s yeasts mean that others of lesser quality only provide 2 micrograms of Biotin. To get out of doubt, you just have to look at the ingredients and check the amount of Biotin it contains

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