10 codes for good masculine dress

I continue with the objective of becoming the “Men Fashion Them”, and that is why I want to tell you the 10 basic tips for the good masculine dress It is not necessary to be a magazine model or have a scandalous body with perfect measurements to look good in front of others. Here are the 10 codes every man should pay close attention to before walking out the door.

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In search of the “Men Fashion Them”. That is the main objective that I have set myself for this month and for this I want to tell you everything I know about the world of fashion. I have already told you about the 10 best tricks to be more handsome, once you are clear about this, we are going to put the guide and I am going to give you the basics for a good masculine dress.

As a saying goes: “a real man dresses from his feet”, I am going to start with a part of our body, which many of you have neglected. Do you know what I’m talking about?

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1. Choose your shoes well

It is no coincidence that shoes appear at the top of the list, in my opinion, it is the most important part of a man’s clothing. However, it is an element that does not enjoy all the attention it needs.

Even the best and most expensive of suits can be ruined if we dress it with poorly hidden or mediocre shoes. I know you are a proud person of yourself, and you always hold your head high. But this time I ask you to lower your gaze a bit and check your shoes: that they are clean, beautiful are a point in favor; that they are old and/or dirty, a negative point.

Black shoes with laces of the same color so as not to take any kind of risk when choosing them. You will never fail when you combine them with the suit if you apply this rule. And only when your skill in dressing advances will you be able to introduce other colors such as brown, …

Leave the loafers for less formal occasions, for looks that don’t require a tie. There are very few things that damage good taste than wearing a suit with Spanish.

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2. Stay away from black socks

The black color in the socks is very boring and lacks style. Unfortunately, today, the vast majority of gentlemen are of the wrong opinion that socks should always be black. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It’s true, if you don’t have much experience in combining colors, black socks are very useful. It is already known: “the color black goes with everything”. But you can choose, in your day to day, according to the color of your pants. And if you can’t find the exact color, make them a little darker than your pants.

You must get out of your head choosing the color of the socks according to the shoe model, it is something that becomes inelegant and looks like a league lacking in taste. Take a chance and choose a color for your socks that matches your tie or bow tie, or even the same color as your pocket square. Don’t let vulgarity rule your tastes!

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3. The important thing is not the brand, but the cut

It doesn’t matter if your suit says Armani, Tom Ford or Brioni, if the cut does not fit your figure perfectly, as if it were a second skin, you will have thrown your money away.

An X-shaped wrinkle on the front of the suit, a scooped neck, that the suit makes it look like Robocob with movements, an excessive jacket length or that the trouser clips tend to open, are some of the characteristics, which become serious problems, of the suits worn by most Spanish gentlemen.

A suit should be fitted, but not narrow. The length of the pants must not show any wrinkles and rest lightly on the shoe. Sleeves that allow a few centimeters of the shirt to peek out. The cut must hide the fallen shoulder or the belly. The pockets must stop putting the keys, cell phone or wallet without making the suit ugly. The hand-sewn buttonholes… are the details that speak of a good suit. A good workmanship that denotes great quality in the work.

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4. Why not avoid the belt? Wear suspenders

Why don’t you leave the belt? With the belt you will only be able to divide your body into two halves, which will consequently produce a shortening of the figure, and you will also reduce fluidity to your outfit.

The suspenders keep the pants in place and also show that you care about your image. A very useful complement to consider. If, despite knowing that suspenders are “Trend”, you want to continue using belts, you should know that the greater the contrast between the pants and the belt, the worse the result will be. The greater the contrast of the belt with the pants, the worse.

5. Elegance translates into discretion

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A simple dark navy blue suit, with a plain light blue shirt and a matching tie is much more elegant and trendy than an ornate set of designs and colors. Avoid attracting attention with clothes that are flashy or combinations that are seen in the league that are forced.

Don’t forget that less is more, the protagonist must be you and not the clothes you wear. Take care to have styles with aggressive combinations to be within elegance. “Style is not within the reach of all men, but elegance, following a series of rules, is not difficult to achieve.”

6. Don’t be ridiculous, don’t wear crocodile shoes

If you’re not a famous rapper like 50 Cent or Crocodile Dundee, I’m sure you’ll find better options, much more elegant and much less flashy than crocodile skin shoes.

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As I told you before, elegance is synonymous with simplicity and discretion, which is why I don’t think shoes made with crocodile skin comply with any of the guidelines indicated, as well as being out of fashion. For God’s sake, don’t favor the killing of crocodiles just for the sake of carrying them on your feet! Let’s be consistent.

7. The Spanish Iberian male is no longer in fashion: Depílate or Rasúrate

Gone is the rude man of the 80s with hair on his chest. The Bertin Osborne or David Hasselhoff style is no longer in fashion. So grab a clipper, a razor or, for the more daring, some wax and remove those hairs, which only make you look like you’re wearing an extra t-shirt.

8. Leave the umbrella at home

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Let your father or grandfather take it, I understand. Because they are people who have lived it all their lives every time they went to the beach. But that you do it, modern and current man, I think it’s incredible!

Don’t even think about going to the beach, now that the good weather is coming, with all the arsenal. Umbrellas, refrigerators, radios, … don’t be characters, leave all that at home. With a good sunscreen and a towel, it will be more than enough to spend a few pleasant hours at the beach.

9. Elegant even at home

You always have to take care of how you dress, both inside and outside the home. Leave the oldest and most worn items in your closet, or better yet, give them away.

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We must take care of the way we dress, even at home, as if we did it to go out. There are many men who wear old, worn clothes to go to bed or even to be at home. They bet on comfort without paying attention to the image they have. So that? They think.

You make a mistake if you do and think this, and more if you live with more people. Since low cost firms launch collections dedicated to this end. “Don’t let your girlfriend be scared when she sees your old Cola Cao shirt!”

10. The swimsuit short for the beach/pool

This is a type of swimsuit, only for the daring, which is becoming a trend for this summer 2016. Gone are the pirate swimsuits. Now it’s time to show off the body that you’ve worked so hard throughout the year. Will you dare with the new trend of swimsuits for this summer? Or are you more classic?

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So far the basic tips for men, if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them.

Looks with which you will not fail

Until now, we have given you the most important keys to find the most successful look, to know how to do it well and what you cannot forget, as well as what you can get rid of right away. Now we are going to show you some examples with which you cannot fail if you bet on them.

We are talking about the art of dressing well, so it will depend a bit on your particular style of dressing. Although if what you need is inspiration and a good guide to combinations and looks, you should keep reading to find out how to do it. Let’s get to it!

Looks with which you will not fail | Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo knows the man, and knows the one you want to be like. It is actually that it is found inside you, that man that everyone has, that man concerned about his presence, his style and proud to show the world his most worked and polished side.

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Like you, Jon Kortajarena has lent himself to fashion to show everyone that it can be a fantastic world, a world that helps you grow, and that helps you rise to the occasion at all times . And that is why Ferragamo has opted for this messenger of his message, because when you see it, you want to have that class dressing, that demeanor.

You have to keep something in mind: all this that we are talking about is far removed from the size you wear every morning, because style is knowing your body and using fashion to show your best image, not to feel If you don’t have a body worked out in the gym, you can’t do anything. You just have to know yourself and know the rules. So let’s discuss this look.

As a base we have elastic skinny pants, with roll up, as is currently worn, and to add touches of color, a mustard sweater, which perfectly combines with a leather jacket and blunches with tassels (no socks , eye to the data).

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Looks with which you will not fail | Choose suit

When it comes to choosing a suit, there are many possibilities that are presented to you, so here we have a small set of them.

You should know that blue is in fashion and everything indicates that it will stay, so bet on a suit in this color, both in its entirety and in combination with other trend colors, such as silver gray or black , it will be a sure hit.

Checkered suits are also in fashion, but keep in mind that, being a fully patterned suit, the color contrast should not be too striking, or our look will seem aggressive rather than elegant. Although it is clear, we can always opt for the classic black suit, of which we can find different models, in the same way, such as the inclusion of skin grafts in the lapel area, as well as satin.

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