What colors favor us the most when it comes to dressing? Trends 2021

In a previous post we already explained what were the 6 tips for good men’s clothing, and one of the questions The fundamental thing to keep in mind is what colors suit us best according to our skin and hair tone. There is a theory about colors that divides people into four groups: spring, summer, winter, and autumn. There are two characteristics that define which season you are: warm or cold and dull or crisp.

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What colors favor us the most when dressing?

Cool skin colors have a slight bluish undertone, the color of their veins tends to be blue, and they look better on white than ivory and silver than gold, and warm colors have a slight yellowish or golden undertone , the color of their veins tends to be green, and ivory color suits them better than white and gold color than silver.

If your color is sharp then you will have quite a lot of contrast between your hair and eye color and your skin color, and your skin tends to be translucent, whereas if it is dull, the contrast will not be as clear.

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Color for “winter” people

Winter people have a cold and sharp tone. This group includes the majority of Caucasians with very fair skin, dark hair, and light-colored eyes. These people are favored by white, black, gray, red, hot pink, jewel colors such as emerald, blue and purple. They should avoid beige, orange, gold, brown, and washed out colors.

Color for “summer” people

Summer people have a cold and dull tone. Her skin color is either very light or very dark, with a hint of pink. They tan very quickly and their hair color is somewhat ashy or muted, from platinum blonde to dark brown and also red. Their eyes are usually blue-gray or green, sometimes also brown. They must wear pastel colors: light pink, pale yellow, sky blue and above all blue. This season they are the most favored with jeans or with the sailor style, they should avoid black and orange.

Color for “autumn” people

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Autumn people have a warm and muted tone. His skin tone ranges from ivory to gold. They do not tan easily and often burn or freckle in the sun. Their hair color can be reddish, golden or honey blonde, or brown with copper highlights. Their eye color is olive green, golden brown, hazel, or light blue. When dressing, they should choose earth colors such as caramel, beige, orange, ivory, camel, gold, olive, dark red and brown. They should avoid cold colors, especially pink.

Color for “spring” people

Spring people have a warm and clear tone. They tend to blush easily. Her hair color is blonde or golden brown, or carrot color. His eye color is blue, green, or light golden brown. They should wear light and fresh colors, such as peach, light pink, coral, yellow, lime, light blue, and avoid strong colors and black-white contrasts.

You can also wear colors that don’t match your seasonal color palette by mixing them with colors that do flatter you. Or you can also wear colors that are not from your palette as long as you keep them away from your face, for example if black doesn’t suit you because it’s summer, then wear black but only in pants or shoes. You have to think about color tones, that is, the mustard color can look horrible on you, but you can look fabulous with a pastel yellow.

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If you are not sure which station you are from, you can take the following test to determine it.

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