What kind of shoes should be worn with the tuxedo?

When spring begins, weddings begin. If you have thought about wearing a tuxedo, do you know what type of shoe you should wear?

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We are used to seeing celebrities in their tuxedos on the red carpet but we don’t always stop to see what type of shoe they are using, well, with a tuxedo it is always recommended to wear a shoe with laces and many bet for well-polished black patent leather shoes.

To give you an idea of ​​the types of shoes you can wear, we have made a brief selection.

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Pointed shoe with patent leather

These shoes are the most elegant and will always look good on us. Although we should be careful with the suits we wear them with, if we take a black combination and with these shoes, the results will be incredible.

For example, in the first image we see a Brett&Sons brand shoe. A very elegant shoe that combines patinated leather in a seductive and original design. In addition, they are very comfortable shoes and are available in a wide variety of models.

Matte shoes

If you don’t like patent leather shoes, it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right shoes for you either.

If you prefer a less flashy shoe, the Italian brand Azzaro can become a great option with the Mena model in black due to its elegant and sophisticated design. It goes well with any outfit and you can wear it with a suit as well as with jeans, for example.

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Another style for your suit

If you are looking for a more sober shoe that does not lose its elegance or detail, I think the black Parsons shoe from the Carlintong brand may be your best option.

Slip-on shoes

Loafers are another of the types of shoes that you can use when you are well-groomed with a suit. Unlike the ones we have shown you, moccasins are much more comfortable and we do not have to keep an eye on them all the time in case they come untied, etc. You also have them available in patent leather, more striking, or in matte.

The colors

And the shades and colors are another aspect that we must take into account when choosing a good shoe for our suit. You can find them in black, gray and gold colors, but everything will depend on the color of the suit you are going to wear. Keep this tip in mind, as well as make sure you don’t wear socks that look too showy or don’t fit well. Thin black socks are best.

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