What are the costumes that never fail on Halloween 2022?

Cheap and cheap costumes, last-minute costumes, group costumes, costumes for pregnant women, costumes for pets, … Halloween 2022 is just around the corner and for those who do not miss any party, let alone a costume party, here is a list with original costume ideas for all tastes, for Halloween 2022 and for you to get it right for sure.

Classic costumes for Halloween 2022

If you are looking for costumes for men, today we are going to give you some models to be one of the most original at the costume party this Halloween 2022, like the Pirate one that we can buy in a costume store, or do it ourselves at home.

By saying “costumes” that do not fail, we are referring to all those costumes that we always find in stores and that are recurring, Costumes that we can also do at home. As I told you, the pirate is a classic and if you have never dressed up as in the image above, or as Jack Sparrow, what are you waiting for? With a vest, pants, a shirt and high boots (plus a scarf for the head and another for the waist) you will be perfect.

If you like humor and fun moments with your friends and family, today we want to show you one of the most recurring costumes we know of, and it doesn’t need a lot of work, besides being very cheap, it’s the clown.

You can get this costume in stores but we can also do it at home. With some clothes that are too big for you, and a good make-up, like the video that we show you now, you will be the funniest clown this Halloween.

The chef costume can also be a classic among costumes that cannot fail, and for this Halloween 2022. Making this costume is relatively simple since you can get it with black pants, shoes, a long shirt and that yes, you will have to buy a chef’s hat.

Although it may seem that the zombie is a costume for Halloween, it is also more and more seen or recurring when Halloween arrives so you can bet on it if you want to surprise everyone this year. For a good zombie costume, you will only need a bit of clothing (whatever it is, even a suit), which you can destroy and stain with blood. The important thing or the key is good makeup. For this you will need white-based makeup, a little dark eyeshadow to simulate dark circles or that you are emaciated and, of course, fake blood that you can place around the mouth and face. If you have contact lenses like the ones you see above, you’ll be great.

Superhero costumes and characters for Halloween 2022

On the other hand, you can’t miss a good superhero costume either. The classic that triumphs wherever it goes is the Superman. One of the most famous superheroes in the world that we have seen so many times embodied in comics and movies. The man of steel is a famous character who goes on so many adventures and thanks to that he has carved a place for himself among the best.

Another Superhero costume is that of Batman, and it is also one of the most recurring when Halloween 2022 arrives. Also think that this year the movie Superman Vrs. Batman so that you and your friends can become these two mythical characters. The best thing for this type of costume is that we buy them (or rent them), but the truth is that you can also do it at home. As an example, we have shown you a purchased Superman costume and another Batman costume, which has been made at home, although the part of the upper body (the one with the muscle area, perhaps if you can buy it, while the rest we do at home).

Super Mario’s is a costume that is perfect if you want to be a character, and that can’t go wrong if you want to get your Halloween 2022 costume right. You can do this type of costume yourself at home with a simple sweater or t-shirt red, and jean dungarees, white gloves and a hat with the “M” for Mario Bros.

Animal Costumes

Among the costumes that we can never find, we can also find those that are also the most fun, and these, in my opinion, are found in animal models. Some ideas that always come in handy when choosing a model for Halloween 2022. As I said before, they are perfect for all kinds of parties or any fun celebration.

Although it is good to innovate, the classics are perfect for this Halloween, as is the case with this penguin model. In addition, since the celebration of Halloween takes place in the middle of October, it is perfect for you to wear this type of costume with which you will also look very warm.

The important thing to choose a good costume is originality, but if you don’t have it, you can use ideas that are a little more classic but that never clash on Halloween.

If you want to see other options or ideas for this Halloween 2022, we leave you this photo gallery.

Photo gallery of costumes that cannot fail on Halloween 2022


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