Valentine’s Day Men’s Hairstyles 2023

Valentine’s Day is approaching and, after having seen what styles you can use on this day, we will tell you how to finish it off with a perfect hairstyle. Pay attention because below, we explain how to make the Valentine’s Day 2023 Men’s Hairstyles. Hairstyles like these that we are going to see in detail.

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  • Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day with long hair
  • Hairstyles for Valentine’s Day with medium hair
  • Valentine’s Day hairstyles with short hair
  • Valentine’s Day hairstyles with curly hair

Tell me what look you’re wearing and I’ll tell you which hairstyle matches. We can also think about it the other way around, depending on the hairstyle you wear, we can look for an appropriate look, because everything in itself is talking about your style, your way of understanding fashion and that is the key to being great on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day Men’s Hairstyles 2023 | long hair

You will find all kinds of styles and it is that a hairstyle can say a lot about the person or about what their partner can fantasize about.

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You have the hipster style, the classic, daring, innocent, non-conformist, indomitable hairstyles… Be what you want to be and let your hair shout it from the four winds.

The hipster bow for Valentine’s Day

So, we already started by suggesting a type of hairstyle that was trending in 2022, and is trending again in 2023, so wear it this Valentine’s Day.

It consists of a simple updo of your long hair and making a small bow at the back, although quite high.

The key to the “hipster” style of this hairstyle is to let the hair hang a little loose as well, as if you had really pulled your hair up without concern.

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If you have long hair, it is a type of hairstyle that you have probably already worn on several occasions, and of course, it will work for you this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Men’s Hairstyles 2023 | Medium hair

We are going to assume that you have prepared something special for this day, you will have to take into account the type of date, how is your girl and what is your style as a couple; but there is still something important left, how does she like your hair or how does she find you more irresistible?

“Tousled” hairstyle for Valentine’s Day 2023

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On the other hand, medium hair allows you to vary a lot in style. For this Valentine’s Day 2023 we suggest, for example, a disheveled effect.

This type of hairstyle is quite casual so that with looks of jeans and a shirt it can be a good option for Valentine’s Day.

All you have to do is comb your hair with the help of a little wax, and place strands to one side and the other so that you get that disheveled effect.

Classic Hairstyle Medium Hair for Valentine’s Day 2023

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If you are more of a suit, you can try a type of hairstyle that can never be missing on occasions such as Valentine’s Day.

I mean of course the classic side hairstyle. With medium hair, or one that is not very short, it will also be a great option.

All you have to do is comb your hair, slightly wet, to one side and if you want, move a section so that it is not too formal either.

Backward hairstyle for Valentine’s Day 2023

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One of the most popular and sexy Valentine’s Day hairstyles for men is the slicked-back look. This hairstyle is elegant, neat and attractive all at the same time. If you want to see what he looks like, Leonardo Dicaprio is the perfect person to point to. On almost all red carpets and premieres, she wears her hair in this style. Isn’t it a surprise that he has so many fans swooning over him?

Hairstyle with toupee for Valentine’s Day 2023

Although in your day-to-day life you are probably already up to date in terms of hairstyle, you can bet on making a change for an occasion as special as Valentine’s Day.

If you have medium hair, you can choose hairstyles like the classic toupee, thanks to the help of elements that will be essential for you, depending on the hairstyle you choose, they will be wax or fixative gel.

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The more classic toupee returns with force this 2023. In this way, it has a style similar to that of the image for this Valentine’s Day.

A type of hairstyle that you can also combine with any type of “look” or styling, especially everything that is leather jackets and “denim” fashion.

The modern toupee for Valentine’s Day 2023

On the other hand, from the toupee of a lifetime, you can choose the option of getting it to have a more modern style or touch.

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The only thing is that it is difficult to get a good toupee without going too far and looking like a guy dressed up for carnival with a wig made of natural fibers.

Of course, nothing like practicing at home on those days when we don’t plan to go out. We’ll be all combed, and if we end up looking weird, well, it’s okay, no one will see us.

After practice, skill comes, of course, and with it, success. Because in reality the type of hairstyle we wear does not matter as long as we manage to tame it. Although yes, of course it is important to find the hairstyle that best suits our personality and the features and shapes of our face.

Valentine’s Day Men’s Hairstyles 2023 | short hair

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Valentine’s Day is the day when you can grant her a whim or allow yourself to drive her crazy with details and with yourself, with your essence, with your brand, with your own style.

For this reason, we have selected multiple types of hairstyles so that you can choose the one that suits your way of understanding fashion and hairstyles, that you find the one that suits you the most or the one that you know would drive your partner crazy.

Side Shaved Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day 2023

On the other hand, if you have short hair, you will surely have the sides shaved as is the trend so you can choose a hairstyle option for Valentine’s Day like the one you see above.

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A successful hairstyle in which the sides are really short, but we can also “play” with that slightly longer and raised central part.

In this way you can sign up for the slightly raised hair trend in the front, which is coming back with great force and which will be a hit this summer of 2022.

Classic Short Hairstyle for Valentine’s Day 2023

On the other hand, the most classic style of hair or way of combing also combines perfectly with short hair.

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You can choose a style similar to the one we show you in the image. With wet hair and combed to the side, marking the central parting a lot.

This type of hairstyle was popular last year and this 2022 is back in trend, so it will allow you to look spectacular this Valentine’s Day if you also combine it with a suit.

Short quiff hairstyle for Valentine’s Day 2023

Ryan Renolds’ signature hairstyle is a short quiff. The celeb rocks this look perfectly so maybe you will too. You can easily achieve the look if your hair is healthy and straight. Just make sure you tell your stylist exactly what you want and pair the hairstyle with super stylish outfits. You will be ready to surprise your date.

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Valentine’s Day Men’s Hairstyles 2023 | curly hair

Guys, if yours seems like a problem that happens to majors, don’t worry, the curls are also tame, within their rebellion, of course! The truth is that if it is difficult for a woman to manipulate curly hair, it is even more difficult for boys. You have to admit that.

This is so because boys usually wear short or medium hair, few are those who dare with the length, and of course, at that length of hair, the hair is beginning to grow. And what are the little ones but indomitable rebels that drive us crazy!

Take advantage of your curls on Valentine’s Day 2023

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Most of them choose to keep it very short, preventing their curly hair from shouting to the four winds that they have come to stay.

Wow, they hardly let their hair speak with its own personality. But that won’t be necessary anymore, because curls can be very sexy if you learn to let them be themselves.

As I was saying, rebellion itself comes from not listening to you, from trying to change you as you are, from appearing to be who you are not.

This same thing happens to curls, they want to be free and we insist on stretching them, pulling them back with the strongest hair gel, but some small and rebellious curl always ends up coming out of the lump in which we have turned our hair.

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That’s why I’m going to tell you a secret: the best way to show off curly hair is to let the curl be a curl. As simple as that! Now, what kind of hairstyle will go best with curly hair?

As you can see in the photo, the one that is based on the upper part, keeping the sides short, otherwise it would be too much.

Messy Curly Hairstyle

And if you have naturally curly hair, this Valentine’s Day hairstyle will be perfect for you. With the right hair products and a good stylist, a messy hairstyle can be one of the most attractive hairstyles for men. To look your best, pair this hairstyle with a nice suit or something fancy. Also, don’t forget to accessorize with a watch and good shoes.

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Valentine’s Day Hairstyles 2023 Photo Gallery

I leave you a photo gallery of hairstyles that you can do for Valentine’s Day 2022:

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