Types of modern beards for 2021

Getting a nice beard is in fashion, it has become the essential complement for men who want to show off a modern look. The beard has become the preferred accessory for looks that seem carefree, although in reality care has been taken down to the placement of the last hair before leaving home. To guide readers and help them deal with this trend that has come to stay, in this post we will talk about the types of modern beards for 2021.

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As with most fashions, the precursors are usually famous people. In this article you can see how the beards look on celebrities as successful and handsome as Justin Timberlake, Michael Fassbender, David Beckham, Leonardo Di Caprio or Ben Affleck, among others. What you can see is that not everyone has the same type of beard, why?

Types of Beard

Of course, each person is unique, and that the same beard cut does not favor all people. Shaving is something very personal and that can characterize and give personality to a man’s image, therefore, depending on the shape of the face, the type of beard hair, the color of the beard, its density and other characteristics , one type of beard will suit you better than another.

That being said, let’s start listing some types of modern beards.

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“Normal” beard

Neither too short nor too long, a well-groomed beard of a couple of weeks, regularly trimmed with a machine and comb or scissors and comb to keep it uniform, that the mustache does not invade the lip, fixing the neck area and taking care of the sideburns and cheekbones if necessary (all men do not grow beards on cheekbones, sideburns and neck)

Long Full Beard

The long full beard gives the wearer a “tough guy” and natural look at the same time. It may seem that you get this type of beard just by letting your facial hair grow, but this is not the case. It requires quite a bit of care, as you have to keep trimming it and evening it out so it doesn’t look completely scruffy and meaningless, but at the same time you have to be careful and patient to let it grow. This type of beard favors thin people above all, as it gives the face a more robust appearance (so much so that it can sometimes be confused with having gained a few kilos).

Long beard without neck

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Unlike the long full beard, in this case the neck is shaved, which tends to give a feeling of greater care and hygiene.

Shaded Beard

The typical 3-day beard. It gives the person who wears it that carefree, sexy touch, of being handsome like that, naturally, without having to take care of themselves. Although the reality is that to show off a perfect shaded beard, the ideal thing is to turn the hair clipper to 0 almost daily.


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Known as “the padlock”, this type of beard allows the hair to concentrate around the mouth; the mustache and goatee come together. The rest of the beard can be shaved with a blade, leaving it as a shaded beard… it will depend on the taste of each one.

Hipster Beard

The beard desired by many men, but only within the reach of a few. This type of beard requires a lot of maintenance; clean the cheekbones and neck well with a blade, shape the beard by carefully trimming the sides (so that it has a rectangular shape and not a circle), grow the ends of the mustache and trim the central part so that it does not invade the mouth, and let it grow the part that falls but cleaning it when the ends open or the hair dies and bald spots begin to appear. It is recommended to use special beard shampoos, as well as moisturizing oils for both facial hair and skin (which also needs care because it is so hidden), it is also recommended to take brewer’s yeast, since it has many nutrients that promote healthy growth and strong beard.


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Controversy! Some consider it a beard and… others do not, but it is undeniable that it is a type of accessory whose main ingredient is facial beauty, and above all, that it is very fashionable. In the image you can see the long mustache, which reaches from side to side of the lip corners and has become very fashionable, in part, due to the influence of the “Narcos” series. In any case, there are a thousand ways to wear a mustache; short on the sides, with the edges long and combed, dressed with a fly under the lower lip, with the rest of the beard shaved with a razor, with the typical stubble, etc.

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