The world’s weirdest and ugliest beards

The men’s facial hair industry includes everything from coloring, trimming, shaving and some accessories to shape it . Believe it or not, there are even contests dedicated to the art of male facial hair, for which the competitors prepare for years and you can see all kinds of works or styles.

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From sporting a beard to being completely shaved, men can completely transform the shape of their face with a simple shave. There are many reasons why men change their facial hair, from movements like Movember to simply wanting to look like their favorite actors or athletes, but this ends up causing us to see some disasters.

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We are talking about some of the ugliest and strangest beards in the world, surely if they tell you some of these beards, without seeing them, you would not believe that nobody dared to show them off.

The beards of the Amish

This trend has worryingly become mainstream, being usurped by hipster culture. But really, unless you’re Amish, then you should grab your electric razor and get your facial hair changed ASAP.

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There’s not much appeal in having a long beard that grows past your chest. The Amish have specific religious and lifestyle motivations for this style. But for those select individuals who rock this style in an attempt to look cool, there needs to be some thought and reassessment.

The French Fork

We’re sure that at the time the French Fork first became popular, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it was a huge hit with the elite and well-heeled. But this is 2022, and the French forks we see today look more like a beard so long and bushy that it’s been awkwardly parted down the middle.

But we have to give credit to those who try this style. It takes quite a large amount of dedication and time to grow the hair long enough to try to achieve this look.

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Neck Beard

For the people who have been behind this trend, we only have one question: Why? It’s hard to understand why this style was a trend in the first place. We suppose that it could be used to slim down the face. But this style is weird in general and not very pleasing to the eye.

Beard Braid

The same can be said of this other beard that has been allowed to grow to make a kind of braid with it. Yes, it is an elaborate beard, but also a strange beard that few would want to wear unless you are bored, have a long beard and can’t think of another thing to do than get into braids.

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Glitter Beard

This other beard has never been a trend, luckily, but we imagine that more than one will have worn it at carnival parties. In fact, it can be a good option when you don’t want to put on makeup or put a mask on your face. Just dye your beard, decorate with glitter and voila! although you might ruin your perfectly trimmed beard.

Duck Dynasty Beard

The Duck Dynasty look (name used by many because it was worn by the stars of this American reality show) can be achieved if you basically stop cutting and trimming your hair for a long period of time. It’s supposed to make one look more manly and tough, but studies have shown that people perceive long beards as being associated with someone who is poorly educated and lacks class.

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Unfortunately, because we humans tend to be copycats, this facial hair trend has become incredibly popular in recent years, thanks to the team at Duck Dynasty. But unlike the cast of the TV show, most people don’t have stylists waiting to trim and style these iconic beards. Which means that the ones being grown by normal people look just terrible, and even messier than the ones from the Ducks.

Christmas beard to show off the holidays

Christmas may be the favorite time of the year for many, but it is one thing to like spending time with your family and celebrating Christmas and quite another to want to show it to everyone by decorating your beard with lights. It will be original on the night of December 24 but be careful that it can also be a danger since those small lights could end up heating (not burning) the beard to the point of noticing how the areas near the bulbs appear completely dry.

Myojo Beard

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It has never been a trend, luckily for all of us and it is quite disgusting, but the truth is that the Miojo beard (in honor of that brand’s instant noodles) can be quite practical when it comes to eating and not having a hand plate. However, we repeat that it is quite disgusting.

Sports a beard with a spider sense

We have already said how some types of beards are capable of influencing popular culture to the point of being a trend, and we have highlighted the example of the character of Tony Stark or Iron Man, but this other beard seems to be inspired by another Marvel superhero, Spider-Man, is quite shocking and the result is not very pretty. A spider beard or actually a really ugly beard and mustache.

Batman’s best beard

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And what about this other beard? If you are a fan of Batman, you may find it original, but you can never say that it is a beautiful beard.

Beard and ponytail two in one

Is it real? It doesn’t seem like it but the truth is that it is quite peculiar. A beard that has been allowed to grow to the extreme and in fact, until it can be made into a kind of tangle that even goes around behind the wearer.

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