The most original gifts for men

Giving gifts during the Christmas holidays is already a tradition, that’s why every year you have to use your imagination to surprise your loved ones

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There are many gifts for men, but not all of them get the reaction that is being sought when giving gifts. It is a show of affection, but it is also an opportunity to treat another person with something they really want, value or need, as well as fill them with enthusiasm. For this reason, it is increasingly a matter of finding the ideal item, instead of resorting to the traditional socks, watches or perfumes that are so popular.

From drones and other electronic devices, to hobbies or experiences, gifts are becoming more sophisticated, but also more practical. In this sense, DR SMILE invisible orthodontics is a perfect gift for this Christmas. Not only is something original being given, but also necessary and very useful for the other person, especially when she herself has expressed her intention to improve her smile.

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Ideas to surprise this Christmas

Society advances and with it those who compose it, that is, people, who, regardless of their gender, evolve beyond the typical established patterns. In this sense, men of the 21st century are more open to their emotions and to experiencing situations and showing interest in areas of life that had previously been closed to them.

This change in attitude permeates all aspects of life: fashion, tastes and consumption habits, so that when it comes to finding a gift for today’s man, the traditional concept must be put aside of masculinity. A masculinity that until now was marked by very rigid stereotypes and that luckily are being transformed to give them and the whole of society more freedom of thought and movement.

That said, it is not surprising that the new gifts are in line with this transformation, thus gifts arise that until recently were unthinkable, such as: mini home gardens, cheese making kits, massage guns, hiking backpacks , cookbooks, board games, solidarity funds, music or movie subscriptions, etc.

Aesthetics and personal care are also gaining strength, so it is natural to give away massages, aesthetic treatments, consultations with nutritionists or dental care. DR SMILE proposes a state-of-the-art treatment that applies the latest technology so that we can once again be sure of ourselves and of our smile. After a consultation in which its exclusive 3D scanner studies the patient’s situation, its invisible aligners made of the patented ClearQuartz® material, facilitate the progressive movement of the teeth in treatments that last between 4 and 9 months. In addition, it offers the comfort of being able to follow the treatment at home, with constant remote contact with specialists through its exclusive app.

Thus, the image is no longer an exclusive matter of the female gender, men also want to take care of themselves and show the best possible aspect. The gym, moisturizing creams, laser hair removal, tanning, and beauty treatments also fortunately have a male audience.

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In the same way, books, trips, museums, gastronomic experiences and culture in general have no sex, so they are the best options to please anyone and, incidentally, make them grow and develop. Thus, a perfect gift would be tickets to the theater or a concert, booking a visit to an exhibition, going to a planetarium, giving a guided walk through the streets of the city or any other cultural activity.

If we want to move towards a more just and egalitarian society, the small details are what make the difference. In this way, not only is contributing to the creation of a healthier concept of masculinity in adult men, but also, through these gifts, the little ones are educated.

The masculine and feminine principles must be in balance for the world to advance constructively, one cannot cancel the other because they are interdependent by nature. This has been proven throughout the centuries with wars, confrontations and social inequalities, all of them a consequence of the annulment of the feminine principle or energy in the human being and in society in general.

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