The guide to learn how to dress for Holy Week

With the arrival of Holy Week, many people want to wear their best clothes. Whether on the beach, in the mountains, in the town or in processions, the festivity deserves us to put ourselves to the nines. Be careful, this does not mean taking the suit and roasting ourselves in the heat. Not much less. In fact, we are going to show you the guide to learn how to dress for Easter

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And the thing is that people in Spain think that when Holy Week arrives we have to dress as if we were going to a wedding. The reality is quite different. With the guide to learn how to dress for Easter we will show you that with several key items, you can receive more compliments this Easter than La Macarena de Sevilla.

The guide to learn how to dress for Easter

Obviously, we have divided the guide to learn how to dress for Easter into the most relevant and important days of the holiday. Basically, the days when you know the whole world will see you. The days for you to shine. The idea is to go elegant and according to Easter, but also current and modern. You can combine both without problem.

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Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is marked by a premise: If you don’t premiere something, your hands will fall off. That being said, it is the perfect excuse to go shopping and buy the perfect outfit for Easter. A suit or a blazer combined with chino pants that can also work for us.

The recommendation is that we opt for a discreet color, like a blue that is not too dark, combined with a white shirt. At Easter, at least during the day, avoid bright or strong colored shirts. The same goes for the tie. If you want to wear it, make it thin and not too short. The color should be slightly darker than the shirt.

To finish, the shoes. A piece of advice: Don’t even think about opening your shoes that day. Much less if you go to a procession. The most advisable, oxford with buckled laces.

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Thursday and Good Friday

Four days later, the two big days of Easter arrive: Thursday and Good Friday. Not only are they the key days of the celebration, but they are also a national holiday and you don’t have to get up early the next day. Or yes, it depends on the circumstances of each one.

Be that as it may, these two days take precedence over tradition and it dictates

In this case, the gentlemen leave the suits and ties parked to one side to move on to the more ‘casual’ moments. Although, let’s not confuse. Any flashy denim, chino with a sweater, shirt and blazer. It can be perfect for you.

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To these add a tie also black and dark that does not attract attention. We finished the look with the white shirt on duty and the spotless black shoes.

Holy Week Nights

And what happens when Easter nights fall? Well, the protocol is parked and everyone can wear their best clothes. Or the most comfortable. In this case, we must use the casual mode, which will allow us to be dressed but informal.

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For example, a denim, a shirt and a blazier on top, and you will be pardoned. You can even do without the tie. However, let’s not rule out the coat because the night is very long and spring is treacherous.

Travel Bags

Massimo Dutti Travel Bag: €295

Packing a suitcase is the first thing we should do when we want to go on a trip, which is why travel bags have become our essential when traveling. A travel bag has to be of high quality and easy to transport, which is why we have brought you this Massimo Dutti Travel Bag that is made of bovine leather and has an adjustable strap.

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Cortefiel backpacks: €130

One of my weaknesses are backpacks, and more for the trip. These are very easy to carry and we will have them available at all firms, whether they are large firms or low cost. For example, I bring you this one from Cortefiel in canvas fabric with leather details.

Accessories: Scarf and Sunglasses

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Springfiel Scarf from: €15.99

Easter Week is the most opportune moment to take our scarf out of the closet. A much lighter fabric than our friends the scarves. Having all kinds of prints and colors to choose from.

Ray Ban Sunglasses: €134

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We already told you about the trends in Sunglasses for this summer, and they are glasses with mirrored and colored lenses. An essential for this Holy Week, which luckily, and for the first time in many years, we will see some sun in our skies.

Don’t forget the point

Since spring has begun, it’s time to receive it in full color. As it happens in all seasons, for us it is essential to have a wide range of plain knit sweaters to be able to combine. So this garment becomes essential for this Holy Week.

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Pull & Bear Thread Sweater: €19.99

For these coming dates, I recommend the thread sweaters. Personally, I like pastel-toned ones with a V-neck, like the one I’m showing you from Pull & Bear.

Colored pants

H&M chinos: €24.95

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The flowers begin to bloom, and along with them the damn allergies. The landscapes that surround us are filled with colors in addition to our legs. You don’t have to be a lynx to realize that most firms make thousands of tones available to us to choose the one we like best. For this occasion I have chosen H&M chino pants.

The buchers

Lotusse Bluchers: €175

For our footwear, I propose these suede bluchers, which have “brogue” decoration in unconventional shades such as: green, coral or blue. Creating a fun contrast with its laces and sole. Like these Lottusse for example.

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Once all the essentials for this Holy Week have been reviewed, it is time to wish you a good trip, that you enjoy your well-deserved days of rest and tell you that the important thing is to arrive.

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