The best hipster haircuts for men Spring Summer 2022

The hipster style for men has been imposed for a long time. Surely many of you believe that it is common to see men on the streets of all cities who wear a fashion style halfway between “casual” and a bohemian attitude that also seduces many. One of the characteristics of this style or this fashion is to wear a beard (quite thick) as well as certain haircuts and hairstyles that we now want to present to you. Next in Modaellos, the best men’s hipster haircuts Spring Summer 2022. Do you dare with any of our proposals?

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The best hipster haircuts for men Spring Summer 2022

Now that we are into Spring Summer 2022, you may want a change of “look” in your haircut or hairstyle, and if you are a man who follows trends, you will know that the hipster style continues to prevail for many, since it basically has haircuts that are somewhat rebellious but at the same time very stylish.

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Why is the hipster hairstyle a trend

The truth is that this style is one of the best if we talk about cuts and hairstyles, since in reality, although it may not seem like it, you can choose from a wide variety of hairstyles, whether they are with long hair, with a measure half. and of course, introducing shaved heads, which is something that today’s men seem to like a lot.

If you are willing to make a change towards the “hipster” style, we are going to show you the best proposals below, but we also recommend that you start growing a beard, since it is one of the characteristics of all hipster men and in fact, it is the perfect counterpoint to all these cuts and hairstyles that you are going to see below.

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Long hair for the Spring Summer 2022 hipster style

If you like long hair, you are in luck because it prevails for the hipster man in Spring Summer 2022.

She wears her hair in a small ponytail a lot and, if possible, it can be quite high, so it is not necessary that you have very long hair or you can even ask that the sides be lowered to show off your urban style better.

In any case, there is nothing like loose hair and something disheveled, it drives girls crazy!

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“Wild” hipster mane

As we are seeing, long loose hair cannot be missing. One of the first hair styles worn by hipsters and still maintained by some. It is essential to wear it with a fairly thick beard.

Long Slicked Back Hair

Another option is to choose to wear long hair, but since it is usually somewhat annoying if you always look disheveled, you have the option of combing it back.

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In this way, you can wear a “look” like the one we see above. Long, hipster hair, combed back with a bit of cream or hairspray and some volume.

Loose hair parted in the middle

On the other hand, if you like to wear your long, hipster hair, completely loose, you also have the option of parting it in the middle.

It may not be the “classic” style that we see for short hipster hair, but it will give you a wild “look” that combined with a beard, will make you an essential man.

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Long hair collected

As we have seen, long hair is worn loose within the “hipster” style, although the “traditional” way of combing it is as I have already explained to you and how you can see in the image above. Best of all, it is a very simple hairstyle, and easy to achieve, with which you will get all the “hipster” style in a matter of seconds.

The key is not to want to do a hairstyle that is too strong, or an updo that is too strong so that you even have loose strands as if it gave the impression that you did it in a hurry.

Also collect your hair in the lower part or in the middle of your head.

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Varied updos for long hipster hair

In this other image you can see two other ways to comb your hair with that “hipster” updo that I refer to.

As you can see, you can even do it with a large amount of hair and I would also say that it is better so that you can leave those loose locks that will allow you to achieve a rebellious and informal “look”.

Long hipster hair up and down

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For Spring Summer 2022, we find that the great trend of long hipster hair is to collect it as we see just above.

In this way, you can make the “traditional” ponytail that we have already seen before but with a current style, thanks to the option of letting it loose more than necessary.

In this way, the locks that we take out are looser, as if they were about to undo.

Medium length hipster hair

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If you prefer, then choose to cut your hair a bit and perhaps opt for a medium length that can be worn perfectly loose and somewhat disheveled.

The key is not only in the hair, but in the attitude and of course, in the fact of knowing how to wear a type of hairstyle that will not suit everyone.

Medium Long Hipster Hair

We already see that, if you want to wear long hair, with your “hipster” style you can do it without problems, but for those who do not want long hair either, you can look like we see above, the actor Michael Huisman.

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For those who do not want long hair, but also do not want buzz cuts and other styles that go with short hair, you can choose to let it grow to a length long enough that you can style it as you see in the photo above.

It is not a medium length but it is on the way to being one, so the trend for this very hipster cut will be to take it back a little but without it being excessively defined, you can even comb it back and then to the side so that has a somewhat more informal touch.

With the new season, you can also choose to wear a completely renewed short hair hipster style as we present below.

Short hair for the Spring Summer 2022 hipster style

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The hipster style in men is usually always identified with bushy beards and long or somewhat messy hair, although the truth is that you can also choose short hairstyles and haircuts and wear this style without any problem.

For Spring Summer 2022, a hipster haircut is required in particular, and it is to wear the hair back and with the sides completely shaved or much lowered as you can see in the photo.

Short hair with a very marked shave

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It is a style that in fact all the men who bet on “hipster” cuts end up adopting since, as I said, it is currently the most fashionable, although if you prefer you can also comb it to the sides, or in fact leave the central hair so long that falls naturally and naturally to the back or to the side.

Plus, it goes a long way with really shaved hair on the sides. Virtually zero, or actually completely shaved, letting the middle part stand out much more.

Short hair combed to the side

Styling short hair on the side in the “hipster” style has undoubtedly become the great alternative for this type of hair.

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We have the option seen before, with hair pulled back and to the side, or also leaving it aside with a little more volume.

In fact, the volume is very important for this type of cuts and hairstyles.

Short hair with volume

I already said that wearing shaved sides is essential for the 2021 hipster style but also that with it, try to raise your hair.

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This Spring Summer 2022 season, in fact, we can already see many men who wear this haircut without giving up that the central part is much more populated and with which they can even try to get some kind of toupee.

hipster toupee

Or you can directly choose to wear a toupee. He thinks that these have been adapting to the times and although in the past, and being very marked, they defined the rockers.

Nowadays they are worn with a certain disheveled air to better represent a movement that seems to continue to grow in the main cities of the world.

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Short hair combed back

Another way to look like a hipster in this Spring Summer 2022 season is to put aside disheveled or toupee hair and bet directly on wearing a cut like the one you see above.

A very combed cut (backward) and in which, once again, the key is to have the sides completely shaved, and even, marking a line on one side.

Short hair combed back with volume

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Along with that very marked back hair style, hipsters can also bet on combing your hair back but with some volume.

In this way, we can choose to wear a hairstyle like the one above, which is also one of the most popular in the new season.

Hipster hair from behind

For those of you who want to wear this type of hairstyle in which shaved heads are the protagonists, and want to know how it is worn from the back, here is a photo that will answer all your questions. The nape of the neck is also shaved so that only the hair in the central area remains and it is combed back, or to the side.

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Hipster undercut

Another modality of hipster cut for short hair is the undercut style, which in fact deserves a special section since it is somehow the cut that is imposed this spring summer 2022 and in fact, all year round. Until recently, hipsters were characterized by wearing long hair and their bow or “bun” was more than famous, but nowadays much more is imposed, wearing a style like the one we see in the image above.

In this way, the hipster cut with undercut, that is, with shaved hair on the sides or in the back, is the great trend of the year. A cut that even works well with curly hair.

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Hipster style beards

In this review of the best Hipster haircuts for men and for this Spring Summer 2022 season, I do not want to fail to mention beards and that they continue to set trends among hipsters. In addition, they are becoming more crowded and although they tend to itch and are annoying (especially when summer arrives) they are the perfect complement to all the hairstyles that we have shown you. However, we are going to explain the best options you have to choose a suitable beard for your spring summer 2022 hipster cut.

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The beard: how to wear it with your hipster men’s cut in Spring Summer 2022?

For a brief period, beards and mustaches were very much in fashion. At the moment, we still use them, but shorter. It is true that in winter wearing a beard is good, especially when it is very cold, but we are in the spring-summer season, so perhaps wearing a long beard, no matter how hipster it is, is not the most appropriate.

If you have decided to grow your beard, consider buying oils, pastes or creams based on natural ingredients to keep it in good health. The beard is like the hair! As for how to wear it this season, consider wearing it a little more cropped. It doesn’t have to be a closely shaved beard style, but it doesn’t have to be long and bushy either. Just let it grow slightly and then trim it so it doesn’t stick out too much. Perfect if you have long hair.

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If, on the other hand, you are more of a hipster short haircut and also with the trend for the “undercut” that is so popular now, perhaps instead of a beard it is better to bet on a mustache.

In any case, it can also look great on you if you opt for long hair.

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Or also, you can choose to wear it as we see in this other image. Hipster haircut, but closely shaved beard, leaving the chin area and part of the neck more populated. A newer style that may end up becoming a trend.

But in the event that you want to wear a full beard as hipsters have always characterized, there is nothing like choosing a full beard, although as we see in the image above, perhaps one of the best options is to trim it as much as possible and perhaps leaving the mustache a bit thicker.

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A well-defined beard like the one we see in this other image is one of the best options so you can see how to wear your hipster cut this spring summer 2022 season.

The medium cut or hipster style medium cut as we see in this other image, can look good with sparse beards or also with a horseshoe-style beard which by the way was a trend during the 70s when many men started to adapt the hipster style.

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And if you like to wear a hipster style that is more classic, then there is nothing like choosing a beard like this, trimmed again, but with a longer mustache and also a very characteristic style that, although very vintage, continues still very original nowadays.

In the event that your hipster haircut style is that of a toupee or the so-called “quiff”, you can always choose a beard that is like the stubble that many men wear, but leaving the part of below and the one with the mustache is more populated, just as we see in the image above.

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Or if you like, you can combine your toupee with a beard that highlights the goatee. A hipster style that reminds us a lot of how many men wore their beards in the 80s.

Next I want to leave you with a complete photo gallery of “hipster” cuts and styles for this new season, but first, I recommend reading this other post that will surely be of interest to you:

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