The basic rules for combining colored socks

Socks have long been the fringes of fashion. But that is changing. In recent years, socks have become an absolute trend item. We have gone from the classic executives to the most absolute fantasies. For this reason, it is convenient to know the basic rules for combining colored socks. At least have some notion of what we do.

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The basic rules for combining colored socks

And it is that the basic rules for combining colored socks will avoid crossing the fine line that separates the trend from the ridiculous. Today, socks have no borders when it comes to color, which is all the more reason to keep in mind the basic rules for combining colored socks.

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Colored socks

If you’ve never gotten out of black or white or diamond socks, you have to go little by little. The first step is to combine colored socks with a casual outfit. For example, jeans, sneakers and a casual shirt. It is the first step to make more daring combinations in the future.

And it is that the historical contempt of fashion for socks has complicated the leap of this accessory to trends. Now that it has arrived, it is time to change mentalities. And this is done little by little.

To match the pants and not the shoes

Rookie mistake many men make. Socks must match the pants and not the shoes. The reason is much simpler than you might expect and has nothing to do with etiquette or protocol. Quite the opposite.

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If the socks match the shoes, we will have the leg divided in two: pants on one side, shoes and socks on the other. It would be weird. If we combine the pants with the socks, these will be the ones that mark the cut, leaving the shoe independently. Thus, to begin with, we will stylize the figure, we will even get it appear taller. And cooler.

The complicated light-colored suit

A moment of style panic that every man in a light suit has suffered. What socks combine with a suit in light tones? More than you might expect. And it is that if we have a light suit, it is enough to look for some socks of the same color family, even if it is in another tone. Of course, it is recommended that they be only that color.

Basically, if the suit is light blue, we can look for a shade of blue a shade darker. The goal is that from the pants to the shoe, passing through the sock, the chromatic scale goes from light to dark. The result is very elegant. Of course, we should never do it the other way around. That is, dark suit with light socks is prohibited by the style police.

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Matching tie and socks

Is it allowed to combine a tie and socks? Not only is it allowed, but it is highly recommended. They don’t have to be exactly the same either, just match the pattern or color. The contrast is fantastic and the point of style, inimitable. Thus, we will give prominence to the suit, focusing attention on the accessories.

It is a modern and groundbreaking bet that is becoming more and more a trend. Therefore, we must measure the occasion to bet on this outfit.

No to white socks

Socks in light tones are one thing and white socks are another thing. The latter are prohibited, unless you are wearing a cream or beige suit. If you wear a dark outfit or suit, white socks will destroy your look. The alternative is a colored sock with some white motif, which is allowed.

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Your leg should never be seen

Under no circumstances should your leg be seen in your pants. Try to sit down or cross your legs, to see where the pants go. If the leg is visible, you should put on another sock or other pants. The fact that some leg is visible is in extremely bad taste in the realm of fashion.

The best brands of original socks

As a result of the boom of this complement, many specialized firms have emerged. So that you don’t go crazy, we have compiled the best original sock brands.

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Happy Socks

Founded in Sweden in 2008, Happy Socks is, right now, the benchmark for sock fashion in Europe. Their designs are fun, colorful and for all tastes.

It has limited editions and others that have been in the catalog for years. A catalog that has models for men, women and children. Ideal for a handy gift on any occasion. Definitely one of the best original sock brands

Go to the Happy Socks website

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Based in Barcelona, ​​AmorSocks not only features fancy designs, but spectacular quality. The firm uses the best thread on the market. An Italian yarn, soft like few others and with a tremendous range of options.

His designs are original like few others and range from rubber ducks to Pac-Man. Also, if you take a pack of 3 socks, the fourth is free. Shipping costs are also free. Heading to the best original sock brands

Go to AmorSocks website

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Sock’m has some designs that smell like deep North America. Despite their Yankee design, they are made in Spain. His motifs are bows, feathers, crosses, birds and everything with a good taste that is difficult to achieve.

Another reason to be among the best brands of original socks is that shipping is free as soon as we order two pairs of socks

Go to Sock’m website

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Jimmy Lion

Another reference to the current sock boom. Without a doubt, Jimmy Lion is a brand that is more in line with the original. Its designs are fun and crazy in equal measure and its colors are bright like few others.

Her latest collection, inspired by Mexico, is glorious. In addition, shipments are free from 35 euros and usually have minimum discounts of 10%. For this and much more, it is among the best brands of original socks

Go to Jimmy Lion website

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