Rap fashion and rappers in the United States

Rap is a musical genre that was born in the late 1960s in the poorest neighborhoods of New York . A rapper is a person who is a fan and follower of the different genres of this hip hop music: gangsta, west coast, southern, crunk, miami bass,… and who stand out for their way of dressing and seeing life in general. A style that culminated in the 90s and has not undergone major changes since then. Today we analyze it.

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The culmination of the musical genre of rap came in the mid-90s, when legendary rappers like “TuPac” (1971-1996) entered the scene. Since then, thousands of rappers began to appear and be the reference for many. Their way of seeing life and the way they dress is what characterizes these masters of modern verse. Today we want to teach you how to dress and follow the fashion of the best rappers.

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  • To follow the “rapper fashion” you need a large size sweatshirt (depending on the weather). This can have a word painted in the graffiti style.
  • Pants must be very large in size. You have to see the underwear to look for a casual and unconventional style.
  • XL or XXL shirts. A good “American gangsta” has to wear very wide shirts. In general, they use sports jerseys such as ice hockey, baseball, American football…
  • Rings, chains and pendants are part of the rapper’s style.
  • The shoes have a low sole and a large tongue, such as DC or Vans de Skater.
  • Caps. Caps are often worn by rappers as their main accessory.

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