How to shave with an electric razor

Shaving is something that many men do on a daily basis and has actually become part of their routine. In order to have a complete shave, without the risk of cutting yourself, some opt for other methods beyond classic shaving, such as electric machines. In Modallos we now see how to shave with an electric … Read more

The best shaving gels and foams

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4 homemade shaving cream recipes to make at home

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The best razors according to your skin type

There is nothing worse than opening the bathroom shelf and find hundreds and hundreds of razors, blades, gels, creams and lotions. In these cases, there is no doubt that the best thing is the maxim that “less is more”, even when it comes to shaving, don’t you think? It is perfectly possible to make our … Read more

Your face defines your style: the trimmed or short beard

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