Neymar’s style

Surely you already know that if a famous soccer player succeeds and is accompanied by Neymar’s daring and self-confidence, as fast as lightning, his style and his way of dressing are copied by thousands and thousands of young people around the world. At the moment he has become one of the most mediatic footballers today and today I want to analyze the youthful style of the star Neymar.

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At the moment Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, better known as Neymar, is the most mediatic soccer player along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi and his way of dressing is copied by millions of young people in the world. His style, although he does not stand out for anything in particular, is very easy for young people to copy.

The recent nominee for the prestigious Ballon d’Or stands out for his particular crest-shaped hairstyle, which is simple and fashionable, always accompanied by striking earrings, very similar to those used by Cristiano Ronaldo, that is, very striking due to to the brightness of these.

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Like the greatest soccer players in history, Neymar combines his meteoric soccer career with numerous appearances in the world of fashion and television commercials. We have been able to see him as a model for the big brands of men’s boxers and briefs. You can see him as a model in the following video.

On many occasions, he has been seen accompanied by his friend Robinho with a very informal style and with clothes that, in my opinion, seem more for going to bed than for going out. With the Bob Esponga t-shirt combined with Bob Esponga shorts and a cap from the famous Monster brand.

In the street we always see him with the purest skate style. He always usually wears caps and wide T-shirts, combined with jeans or pants, a style in keeping with his age, but not with his position in society. On very few occasions we have been able to see him with shirts and even more so with a good suit. We have only been able to see him elegant when he received the award for the best player in the world.

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But as I said before we have been able to see him on a few occasions, and although it is not usually his preferred style, wearing a much more formal style with a shirt, suit or even just a jacket.

The style of the Brazilian player Neymar is fresh and very youthful, in keeping with the casual tendencies very typical of boys his age.

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