New Year’s Eve suits

If you are thinking about what suit you can wear for New Year’s Eve 2020, at Modaellos we will now give you a series of ideas to help you decide between styles that are formal or others that are something more “urban”.

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The suit seems to be the ideal garment to celebrate New Year’s Eve and although combining colors or style between the jacket and the pants is popular, the truth is that there are many options to choose from.

Men’s suits for New Year’s Eve:

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  • Suits that combine styles: Suits that combine styles are in fashion, so they are a good option for New Year’s Eve 2020, like this model in which we have dark gray pants and striped jackets. In addition, the style of pants is quite informal with the inclusion of a pocket on one of the sides.
  • Another suit option combining styles is this one that we present to you above, to which a vest has also been added, forming a three-piece “look”, distinguished by the choice of a black jacket.
  • Shiny suits: Suits with bright tones or in fact gold, are also seen a lot this fall-winter 2020 and in the case of Dolce & Gabbana we can say that they bet on suits or jackets like the one worn by the model in the image above in which we see how the sequins are the protagonists. In addition, it is a success to combine it with pants in gray tones and without having any shine since otherwise, we would have a too ornate suit. Perhaps it is one of the best proposals and options of all that we have found for this New Year’s Eve.
  • Velvet Suits: Velvet is one of the fashionable fabrics this season and choosing to wear a suit of this style will be a success to say goodbye to the year, although if you are “afraid” of having a “look” that is too “vintage” perhaps a good option will be to choose pants that are of another style. You can even dare to wear jeans like this new proposal from the Dolce & Gabbana firm that combines modernity and elegance, thanks to the presence not only of jeans, with the jacket, but also opting for the bow tie that is so fashionable again. be in this year and that in fact cannot be missing on any New Year’s Eve.
  • In fact, you can also choose jean styles that best suit the cut of the jacket. We can say, for example, that in the previous photo we had a slightly looser style. On the other hand, in this one that we show you now we can find a slightly straighter jean and also with tears in the part of the knees.

I leave you now, photo gallery of Men’s Suits for New Year’s Eve:

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