Military haircut for men 2022

Military haircut for men 2022. Military men are generally considered to be as bold as they are self-disciplined. And, as you probably know, they must have a specific haircut, which is usually – as you can imagine – popularly known as a military haircut. It is a tremendously characteristic haircut, as well as easily distinguishable.

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Most of these haircuts tend to be characterized by two basic issues: they are extremely short and, furthermore, very easy to maintain, given that their length is limited to only a few millimeters (5 centimeters at most, to be even more precise if possible). Not surprisingly, even with the most basic military haircut, it continues to be the most popular haircut among men, and many choose to choose it. If you want to discover some samples and examples, we encourage you to continue reading.

The military haircut: a very characteristic, simple and popular type of cut

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As with any other type of haircut, although it is true that the military haircut stands out, to say the least, for being quite simple and straightforward, there are different styles and designs. Therefore, to make sure that the military cut that we have chosen ultimately resembles the final result, the ideal is to have a photograph that we can show our hairdresser and barber, which will serve as an example (and thus will make us cut to our complete satisfaction).

One thing we must be clear about, though: if you’re a fan of army haircuts, the different options available can seem, admittedly, a bit overwhelming. Luckily, with the right advice we can end up choosing the most appropriate one.

To help you out, here are some of the types of military haircuts that have become wildly popular in recent years.

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Buzz Cut / Shaved Cut

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The military haircut that started it all. Also known as a buzz cut, this is the most classic military haircut and the shortest a man can get. Often the type of cut given to new recruits within hours of joining the military, the crew cut (technically referring to hair that is cut to the same length with clippers) is the perfect choice for men who they want a low maintenance cut.

Best suited to those with square or more oval heads (and especially those with impressive cheekbones), the buzz cut is a totally masculine looking cut.

Crew cut

This other haircut is definitely military inspired, and was even seen on the heads of soldiers during WWII, then it was known as the GI haircut. If you already have short hair, the crew cut is a perfect option that you should try. Under the term crew, this cut sees you sporting short hair on top of the head, however, it graduates in length from the front at the bangs to the crown at the back.

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Slightly longer hair in the front can be styled into a quiff or short pompadour, for example. It best suits men with thick hair, but it somehow suits all hair types and face types.

The sides and back of the head can be styled however you see fit. The most foolproof option is to leave the hair one length around (but shorter than the hair on top), though it’s possible to add a fade—a high side fade—into the mix, for a more up-to-date, low-maintenance look. . .

Ivy League military court

There are a lot of crossovers between the Ivy League and a buzz cut, with some claiming that the buzz cut is actually called Ivy League in the US. An easy-to-achieve military haircut, named after the Ivy League was coined because it was popular with men who attended Ivy League universities such as Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, making for an incredibly stylish hairstyle.

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Similar to the faded haircut that is so popular now, the Ivy League cut also sees a difference in length between the hair on top compared to the sides, allowing for additional styling. An excellent option for men with rectangular and square faces, with a result of a clean, defined and sophisticated haircut.

Fade style military cut

One of the most popular men’s haircuts of all time is the fade. The fade haircut itself has a multitude of lengths relating to both the hair on the sides of the head and the point at which it begins to fade, as well as the length of the hair on the top of the head, such as a high fade or even a tight high cut

To get closer to the military look, men should go for an incredibly short fade on the sides and back (a number 0/1 to a number 2/3) and keep the hair on top of the head as short as possible, while still allowing some length for styling. A fade can be paired with an Ivy League cut or even a buzz cut, which would make it an almost skin-deep fade, to create a striking look that screams individuality.

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Regulatory Cut

If you are someone who likes to be able to wear a slightly longer cut on top, the regulation cut is the perfect option. Still with its roots in the military, the regulation cut is another cut similar to the crew cut, but allows you to play with the length of the hair on the sides.

Traditionally shortened to a shorter length as it gets closer to the ears, it can show a bit of skin or leave it covered with something like a number 3, graduating to a 4 or 5.

As for the hairstyle, due to the slightly extra length on top, you should be able to try a quiff, a short pompadour, or even something like a side parting or a style where the sides and back are highlighted for being much shorter.

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Military cut with flat top

Think of the flat top and you probably think of Dolph Lundgren in Rocky IV or Jamaican singer Grace Jones, but it’s also a very military hairstyle. To achieve a flat top, the hair should be cut relatively short and to an even length so that it stands up on its own so that the hairline is literally flat across the top. The sides and back of the head can be cut to different lengths, as a single length all around, or faded, which will cause different styles of appearance when viewed from the front.

If you think the flat top is for you (it works particularly well for people with afro hair) and you want to rock it for a while, you’ll need to visit the stylist regularly to keep everything trimmed to the exact proportions, and you may choose to use some styling product like a high shine wax to keep it in check.

High and tight military cut

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The High Tight Haircut combines the best of the buzz cut, with elements of the fade, to create an incredibly modern hairstyle that can completely transform your look. For your hair to be classified as high and tight, it must be cut incredibly short at the back and sides, with no fade or taper. Instead, the entire side of the head should be cut to the point where it meets the hair on top of the head.

From here on, the hair on top should also be cut short, but left slightly longer than the hair on the sides. Since the high and tight will inevitably put more attention on your entire face, you should consider your face shape before visiting your hairdresser. The high, skinny cut works best on men with square, triangle, or oval faces, and if you can pull it off and keep it, it’s an incredibly military haircut.

Undercut style military cut

The best example of this kind of military cut can be seen in Fury, starring Brad Pitt. While this military hairstyle somewhat goes against the ‘rules’ of an army haircut, displaying long hair on top, it still evokes images of the military and masculinity.

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It offers many opportunities for styling, the most obvious being the pompadour look which sees hair swept up and then swept towards the back of the head. Meanwhile, the sides can be cut into a single short length.

Textured military cut

This other cut combines the shaved style of the most classic cut with the textured cut that is so popular now, especially among young people. A cool cut, perfect for summer where the center hair is kept short but with little layers between the strands.

Buzz cut and uploaded

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It is a type of haircut that is characterized by being super short, of the same length. For this reason it tends to look quite clean. No styling is required, and it becomes a great choice for many men, due to its simplicity.

In terms of style, there really wouldn’t be anything to worry about. It is only necessary to soak it a little, if we want it to look something wet. But luckily, you don’t need to use any type of hairspray or styler.

Of course, it is necessary to go to the hairdresser or barbershop at least every two or three weeks, especially if we want to keep it clean and avoid the dreaded “tennis ball” appearance.

Cutting as a flat surface

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It is possibly a type of military haircut that provides a tougher image if possible, or at least helps to provide that image. I don’t know if you remember Frank Grimes, a very professional stressed worker who ran into the laziness and idiocy of Homer Simpson. Sure enough, he had that haircut. It’s like the one we saw earlier, but even shorter still.

One of its main characteristics are the straight lines, which provide a more square look. And while there are some variations, it’s essentially a kind of “box cut”.

Although theoretically it looks quite simple, the reality is that it is a very complicated type of cut, which only the most experienced hairdressers or barbers are capable of carrying out (correctly, yes).

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Marine style cut

If we thought of a real US Marine, we might think of a man with this type of military haircut. It provides a clean, tapered look and also offers a clean look without too much fuss.

She has slightly longer hair on top, and the hair is closely cropped to a few inches above her temples. In addition, it has a kind of patch of slightly longer hair on top.

Classic buzz cut

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It is characterized by being a classic cut, which became very popular since at least the mid-18th century. It provides a practical and elegant look, thus becoming a firm favorite to this day.

According to specialists it provides a rough and unfinished look, with a short and textured top part, with some fading, until reaching the back and sides with a similar length to number 1.

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