Men’s ankle boots: Harley Davidson, Aigle, Timberland and more

The cold has arrived, at least in the capital. I know that many of you will be annoyed after the days, half summery and somewhat “weird”, that he has done until recently. But I love this season, because I’m finally going to be able to wear my new boots for the first time. Men’s ankle boots are footwear that is very fashionable this fall-winter 2015 – 2016 season. Today I want to show you a few models for those who still do not have this type of footwear. Here they go!

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Here we leave you a series of ankle boots of different styles so that you can see what is worn in men’s boots in this 2016.

The legendary Timberland 6in Premium Boot

We start with some well-known boots that have been selling very well. The Timberland 6in Premium Boot for men comes in leather and has a round toe. These mythical ankle boots should not be missing in any men’s wardrobe, at least for those who like nature. This model comes with 6-eyelet laces and a rubber sole. They are very comfortable and resistant, making them perfect for adapting in this cold and rainy season thanks to their waterproof sole.

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Aigle Orzac

The Aigle Orzac are magnificent boots that are inspired by horse riding to give elegance to the best riders. The boots come with a lined leather shaft and two elastic bands on the sides, so that they can be put on much more comfortably. This ankle boot model is perfect to complete a sport chic style.

Kaporal Clif

Now is the time to use some ankle boots for our casual look. Being able to use these Kaporal Clif ankle boots with our favorite jeans to give a touch of seriousness to a casual style. It must be remembered that Kaporal has been taking his first steps in denim since 2003 and is therefore one of the kings in this field. In ankle boots of this style, what prevails is comfort and these are very comfortable.

Reebok boots

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There are many different types and styles of loot, each of which you can wear at different times. For example, there are also more sporty ankle boots, designed for maximum day-to-day comfort for those more used to walking. For example, within the Reebok offer you can find these fantastic ankle boots in different colors. They are monochrome sports boots, made of leather, with a round toe and rubber sole. You can find them on their website for 69.90 euros.

Billtornade Blaze

We also have the option of opting for lower and more sophisticated ankle boots, without laces, like these Billtornade Blaze. These are ankle boots made entirely of leather except for the outer rubber sole. They have a heel height of 1.5 centimeters. Its price is around 200-250 euros depending on the boutique where we consult. In any case, they are very attractive low ankle boots with a pointed toe, ideal for those special occasions or celebrations that we have during autumn-winter.

Marvin¬Co Boots

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In this case, it is a more informal high ankle boot, with a more aggressive and “rocker” look, so to speak. They are lace-up ankle boots made of leather, with Goodyear stitching and a leather lining mixed with textile. In this case, they are more “rude” ankle boots, with a heel height of 3 centimeters. Its online price is around 70 euros and they are also ideal for day-to-day winter use.

GEOX U FIESOLE ankle boots

In a more classic but high-quality line, we have these Geox ankle boots with laces and round toes, specially designed to guarantee maximum foot comfort and maximum insulation from cold or rain. These are ankle boots that are made of leather, with a textile lining, a cut height of 7 centimeters and a sole height of 3 centimeters. Its price is around 165 euros. Without a doubt, they are a great option if you are looking for a winter boot.

These are some of the booties that we liked the most for this start of the year. What do you think of the models? Do you like this type of footwear for winter or are you more of a low shoe? Would you put some more model? We are open to suggestions!

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Now, to finish, we leave you with a video and some links that you might find interesting to complement the information in the article.

Video: Men’s ankle boots

Do you want to know how quality ankle boots are made? In the following video we show you the entire industrial process that has to be carried out to manufacture Dr Martens boots:

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