How to shave your hair at home

How to shave your hair at home? If you are thinking of sporting the trending men’s military haircut this year, you may want to take it to the extreme and want to see your hair completely shaved or perhaps you need to fix your cut and only want to shave the sides or the nape of the neck. For all this, we advise you to continue reading, because by following the steps that we offer you, you will be able to shave correctly at home.

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Shaving your hair at home is not difficult, in fact you just need the right material for it, and then proceed with the cut, little by little.

What do you need to shave your hair at home

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To be able to shave your hair at home, you only need a hair cutting machine (an electric clipper) and it will also be good if you have a razor.

On the other hand, we also recommend that you have a towel on hand to avoid getting covered in hair, as well as a comb and also, you will need a little shaving foam in case you want to shave completely, that is, at scratch and with a razor blade.

How to shave your hair at home step by step

Once we have what has been indicated, we can move on to shaving our hair at home but we want to distinguish between shaving a little or only part of the head and shaving completely.

Shave only part of the head

In the case of wearing a haircut with a gradient or an “undercut” cut that has been a trend in recent years, it is normal that you have to trim every time your hair grows, especially the areas where the ones where the hair is shaved and which are usually the sides and the nape of the neck.

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To fix your cut and show it shaved again, it will be necessary first of all, that you comb the central hair so that it does not bother you when shaving the desired area. Even if it is very long, we advise you to use a clip or a rubber band to hold all the hair that you do not want to cut well.

Once you have separated the hair that should remain unshaved, we proceed to work on the areas that are going to be shaved, and for this it is best to choose the hair clipper since it is fast and you will achieve a uniform shave. These types of machines have different levels or heads depending on the amount of hair you want to remove. In order not to be mistaken, it will be good that you choose a level (number) or head that allows you to leave more hair than desired, in this way you can modify and fix the cut without going overboard. Once you have checked if you like how it turned out, just leave it alone, but if you want it even shorter, change the head to a lower number (or move the level on the machine) and repeat the action.

When shaving, either the sides or the neck, you must position your head so that you can see where you are shaving correctly. In the case of the sides, you should tilt your head a little, hold with one hand and with the other always move the machine from bottom to top, so that you can make a uniform cut and the hair does not accumulate on the blade. When you’re done, you go to the other side and do the same thing.

In the case of the neck, it is better to keep your head straight or slightly forward, but we also advise you to have a second mirror handy in which you can see the neck clearly. Again, you have to pass the machine from bottom to top.

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Shave our entire heads

In the event that you want to shave your entire head at home, you must choose whether you want to shave leaving a little hair, with a “buzz” style cut, or you want to shave completely to zero.

In the event that you want to shave but leaving a small amount of hair, it will be good to choose a level or head of the machine with which to obtain a result in which the hair is longer than desired. The intention to do this is the same as we have explained before since if you make a mistake or you really want it shorter, you just have to lower the level or change the head and you will still have hair to cut.

Wet the hair so that it is easier for you to pass the machine (but without going over it) and start at the sides, then the center part, and finally the nape. The movement of the machine must be uniform so that you don’t end up with holes without shaving or even that the machine goes away and you shave, leaving a hole (it can happen even if you don’t believe it).

Once you’ve managed to shave your entire head, see if you like the level of shave you’ve achieved. You may just need to taper the sides to make some difference, so change the head or level the machine to a lower number and go around the sides and about halfway down. You can do the same with the back.

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In the case of wanting to shave your head to zero, that is, shave it, you have to first use the hair clipper because if you use a blade and you have a lot of hair, the most normal thing is that you end up filling it with that hair and not cut nothing. Shave well without a level or without a head, so that you do not have any hair left.

Now all you have to do is finish shaving to really look without a drop of hair. To do this, you must first apply shaving foam on the head, and then you can already pass the razor.

Once you’re done, it’s a good idea to wash your head, dry it with a towel, and apply a little after shave or balm to hydrate and avoid irritating your head. If you plan to go out, completely shaved and without a hat, it will also be important to apply a little sunscreen to prevent your head from burning.

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